Friday, October 26, 2012

27After Release Self-titled Debut EP

Colorado alt-rockers make a splash with their first album

27After says their musical influences are “The Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash, Pantera and our 8 billion brothers and sisters that we live with on the planet.” That global worldview explains the band’s broad-based appeal. All the way from Denver, CO., 27After are making music that speaks to anyone with a pulse.

The Colorado-native trio produce melodic alt-rock with just a touch of hard-edged gravitas. Melodic and more than a little radio-friendly, no one will ever mistake 27After for just another bunch of vapid pop stars.

Guitarist and lead singer Cash Crandall’s songwriting reflects the band’s musical philosophy perfectly. Crandall calls it “the control of intellect with the freedom of letting it all go,” and that paradoxical sense of restrained abandon infuses every track on the album.

Bass lines as dense as a tar pit churn and boil around the guitar and vocals, kept in perfect harmony by high-intensity drumming. The result is a frenetic rock album that’s as catchy as it is compelling.

The October 27 release of 27After’s self-titled debut EP is the long awaited result of a year and a half spent in Colorado, where the trio have been hard at work writing and composing. But that’s not all. Those hours in the studio have also resulted in the band’s first full 12 song CD, scheduled for release in the summer of 2013.

The first two releases, “Live” and “Monday” are already getting attention online. “Live” has a swirling, contemplative energy, punctuated with a message of positivity and love. “Monday” is a straightforward, rollicking, alt-pop masterpiece. Both are well-poised to establish the band on the national stage.

Musically, the in-your-face, “let it all go” style that a 27After show delivers is refreshing. 27After is a believer that there aren’t many things better than discovering new music. Most people will agree after catching 27After’s debut album.

- L. Cutler

Staff Press Release Writer


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