Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nigerian hip-hop band Young Paperboyz releases new LP “Naija Boss”

Kiev-based hip-hop band from Nigeria, Young Paperboyz, have released their newest LP “Naija Boss”

Kiev-based hip-hop band from Nigeria, Young Paperboyz, have released their newest LP, “Naija Boss,” to critical acclaim.  Young Paperboyz is made up of hip-hop performers Mayor Boss and Della Ratta, who began their careers together in 2008 with the hit single, “You Know.”  This premier entrance into the hip-hop scene was quickly followed with another smashing success, the flagship full-length album, “Moving,” which they released in 2009.

“We were em-cees at the club here in town,” write the Young Paperboyz.  “We always had the passion for music, the desire to make our own mainstream music – not just act as MCs in a club – so we started performing.”  And perform they have.  “Naija Boss” is absolutely packed with original beats and rhymes – over 20 new tracks are included, and with 20 featured additional artists, as well.  Supporting the Young Paperboyz on “Naija Boss” are (in order of appearance) DJ Tolu Shakara, Asuzu, Double Brothers, Sutflute, Lil’ Jojo, DJ Nikita Noskow, Hardx, Qslimz, Maxim Novitskiy, Jasi Caesar, RacenNext, Marianna Gordiy, Tustep, Mkurgaev, Alex Martin, E. Khmara, Mapro Makwa and NaNa, Mr. Raw (of Faraw), and T-Money (Jasi1Time).

Music by the Young Paperboyz, both accompanied by video and not, is wallpapered across the Internet in a variety of various languages.  Their remarkable sojourn from Nigeria on the west coast of Africa to Kiev, 6000 kilometers away in north-central Ukraine, lends much to their musical and cultural heritage. 
The Paperboyz have worked with studios such as Champion Studio Film (USA), Hardx Soul Suiter Entertainment (Nigeria), Sutbeat Studio (Germany), NDSL (Ukraine), IrenaHouse (Ukraine) and many more.  They name as artistic influences such greats as Akon, Tpain, Piles, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, 50-Cent, Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Snoop Dog, Kanye West, and Taio Cruz.

Regarding the message their music brings to the modern world, the Young Paperboyz write, “We share the message of love, care, and life-focus; we want to inspire people to be who they are and believe in themselves on their road to success.”

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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