Monday, October 8, 2012

The Cody Michler Project releases “Revisions” EP

Wisconsin-based The Cody Michler Project releases Dub-Step Electronica sensation EP, “Revisions”

The Cody Michler Project is the brainchild of 19 year-old Cody Michler. T.C.M.P. have been making the rounds in Wisconsin’s Electronic Dance Music scene for almost a year, and in that short time The Cody Michler Project has already built a dedicated following of loyal fans based on the power of his bass-grinding beats and cleverly-arranged compositions.

Since that beginning, the electronic dance music scene has exploded around Michler in appreciation of his talents. That led to the creation of T.C.M.P., and the production of “Revisions,” his debut EP album. Listening to the album, it’s easy to forget that Michler’s introduction to performing as a musician came only a year ago, in November 2011. The production value and arrangement that went into every track sound far too professional. That also means that after “Revisions,” T.C.M.P. has nowhere to go but up.

Dubstep and all its variations (grimestep, rockstep, et al) are all on T.C.M.P.’s radar, and the bass flavors run the gamut covering all the options for dance-hungry fans.

“Everybody Shaking,”has a low down and gritty, madness-in-bottle sound that wobbles and throbs like more than a case of delirium tremems. “A Flood Tide Of Filth” features a bass line so relentless and sinister it should probably come with a three-day waiting period. “Standing Still” is an old-school dance track, updated with modern beats. The result is infinitely danceable, all pulsing energy and brassy attitude. “Live Life At The Speed Of Light” shows a strong industrial influence and sounds like a buzz saw on a Quaalude overdose. “Rock Da Bass” starts out with a synth melody that moves as cleanly and precisely as a laser beam, then the heavy layers of bass kick in and turn the soundscape into a digital duel between perfectly-matched forces.

Michler has plans to donate a portion of the profits from the sales of “Revisions” to charity, making this one of the easiest decisions of the year for fans of Electronic Dance Music.

- L. Cutler

Staff Press Release Writer


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