Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Abiogenesis releases “Legacy Of The Mountains” album to critical acclaim

Indian folk-fusion group releases fourth studio album

Abiogenesis is a folk-fusion act that hails from Nagaland, India. It’s no surprise then that their sound can be exotic.

Their reinvented version of folk music is called “Howey Music.” Blending classical Naga folk elements from India and modern music, the result is offbeat, unique, and completely enchanting.

Supporting their new style of music, and enhancing the cleverly-shifting melodies of the modern guitar compositions, is the addition of a Bamhum. That instrument is the brainchild of Abiogenesis’ Moa Subong. The Bamhum’s eerie lingering tones bring an otherworldly quality to “Legacy Of The Mountains” and highlights the group’s fresh take on a classic genre.

For “Legacy Of The Mountain,” the group’s fourth album, the band spent four months in the studio, recording and editing relentlessly. This latest release finds the group relying heavily on guitar melodies with an ethnic touch and feel, tribal rhythms and beats, and of course the bamhum. The band has penned the lyrics with strong focus on social causes, and their message of positivity has never been clearer.

There are three instrumental pieces with the bamhum – “Voices Of Kisama,” a celebration of the Hornbill festival, an annual event in the band’s Northeastern India, “Stroll In The Village” is an ode to the peaceful honest life of those close to the earth, and “Alone In The Wilderness” which joyfully explores the beauty of earth’s natural splendor.

According to the band, ‘World Beneath The Rainbow’ is the title song for their upcoming feature film to be made later this year. There are many big things in store for Abiogenesis. They’ve already garnered a lot of attention, playing over 500 shows in India, Thailand, Bhutan and Myanmar – including a performance for the royal family at the Indian Embassy in Thimpu, Bhutan on Indian Independence Day, 2011. In addition, the band’s last album, “Aeon Spell” was listed for nomination in the 50th Grammy Awards in the Best Contemporary World category. With “Legacy Of The Mountains” they remind listeners just what all the fuss is about.

- L. Cutler
Staff Press Release Writer

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  1. This is wonderful, love the band Abiogenesis. Their music is unigue and so melodic.
    Congrates on your new album!!