Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Devyl Nellys release new first LP “Charm Land”

New Jersey indie band “The Devyl Nellys” have released their first long-playing record, “Charm Land.”
New Jersey indie band the Devyl Nellys have released their new long-playing record, “Charm Land.”  The record is part pop-rock, part classic rock, and part modern indie, of the sort that garners its appeal from folk-inspired acts like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Allman Brothers, or The Band.

The catchiness of the Nellys is exceeded only by their expertise.  Although the first thing music fans will hear at a Devyl Nellys show is their upbeat, driving rhythm, the very next is sure to be the overall tightness of their ensemble.  The Nellys play as if they’ve been together their whole lives, and this interpersonal connection running from percussion to bass, bass to guitars, guitars to vocals is immediately evident in every track of “Charm Land.”  It makes sense, too; they may not have been together their whole lives, but each of them is a lifelong musician in his or her own right.  Of this the Nellys say, “All of us started young in music and in performing arts schools.  Nelly began dance at age 3 and piano at 5.  Christina began singing at age 10.  Vini and Wilson started on drums and guitars at age 5, as well.”

Largely penned by Devyl Nellys songwriter Nelly Levon, the Nellys’ conflicting frustrations with mainstream art and life are apparent in their poignant lyrics and infrequently melodic vocal style.  The new album, “Charm Land,” tells the tale of the Nellys dealing with these issues over the formative years of the band.  “We all go thru ups and downs, and the turns and twists life puts us through,” they write.  “Over the past few years we have been going through them together.  I hope the album nudges people to make the best of what’s going on right now and get us all through.”

Whether “Charm Land” can teach humanity to make the best of bad situations or not remains to be shown, but the brightening effect of a Devyl Nellys album on a hard day is easy enough to prove.  One has only to press play.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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