Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Punk rock band Forever Air releases first LP “A Glass Canvas”

Pop-punk band Forever Air has released their first full-length record, “A Glass Canvas,” to critical acclaim

Pop-punk band Forever Air has released their first full-length record, “A Glass Canvas,” to critical and fan acclaim. Forever Air itself was first formed in the tradition of the new-school, California punk-rock style popularized by bands like Blink-182, Screeching Weasel, and Riverfenix in the mid- nineteen-nineties. Characterized by melodic songwriting, a one-two drumbeat, and a relatively small number of members, this increasingly rare sound lies somewhere between the doo-wop rock of the fifties and the outright aggression of punk from the early and mid-eighties. This flavor of punk rock is some of the most fun a music fan can have, and although Forever Air’s first long-playing album, “A Glass Canvas,” is a departure from the hard-fast-loud formula of yesteryear, it has the best qualities of the genre in spades.

The first attribute of note regarding “A Glass Canvas” is the sheer length of the record, which, comprised of a modest twelve tracks, stops spinning at around an hour, thirty-percent more music for the listener’s money than a typical LP, which runs for approximately forty minutes.  Besides this, the fan will notice a marked change in tone and mood from track one to track two, from two to three, and so on. Many songs have the appeal of great classic rock ballads. Some tracks feature classy, crystalline female vocals to contrast with the usual lead. Additionally, Forever Air’s lyrics are written to show the audience, rather than tell them outright, what the music intends to convey.  According to singer/songwriter Allan Rookyard, this is entirely intentional.

“I like people to be a little interpretative for themselves,” he writes. “I mean, why tell people what’s happening in a song? I’d rather the person listening make that choice. The beauty of music to me is how it can affect you and make you feel a certain way. What one person may think or relate to, could be totally different for someone else. So this album is all about you. It’s personal, emotional, vibrant and full of life.”

Though their songs are more relaxed than, say, the Sex Pistols, Forever Air keeps the tradition of heart and honesty in punk rock where it’s always been located: somewhere between the words and the guitar strings. Everyone with punk rock sensibilities and an ear for poetry will appreciate the raw beauty of “A Glass Canvas.”  

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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