Friday, November 2, 2012

Americano Releases Latest EP, “Bad Dreams”

Electronica prodigy continues to grow with smash album

As the musician known as Americano, 16-year-old Cree Castro-Topp is getting an early start on his musical career. Despite his youthful age, the electronica producer and DJ has already written and performed a spate of original songs, and even had the chance to perform behind the decks for the first time at the Patagonia Fall Festival 2012 in Arizona earlier this month.

The Tuscon DJ already has a following, and is building on that success with the release of his latest album, “Bad Dreams” which will be released Nov. 14.

“Bad Dreams” has all the signature elements that have gotten Americano so much attention from the electronica scene. Bombastic, aggressive, and wildly frenetic, the album fairly crackles with over-the-top melodies and filthy beats that will leave you huddling in the corner.

Americano cites other artists like Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Excision, Knife Party as his influences, and “Bad Dreams” shows just how much he’s learned from them.

The first track, “To the Ravers” is a straightforward dubstep jam that’s sure to please fans. The title track, “Bad Dreams” is every bit as chilling and spooky as the name implies – detuned, off-key piano samples and thudding beats that rise up like a nightmare with a decidedly retro video game ambiance. “Triple Shot” takes that same basic formula, and turns a simple song into an evil android fugitive on a warpath of destruction. “Carnival Lights” has a dance beat that can’t be denied, as dirty and wobbly as you can handle. “Nightfall” incorporates eerie samples and melodic interludes that mesh together like nothing you’ve heard before. “Neon Ghost” is a burbling, electronic paean to the dance floor.

Americano is in the process of putting together a set of tour dates to support “Bad Dreams,” keep a look out for dates in your area.

- L. Cutler

Staff Press Release Writer


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