Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rick Moyer releases newest LP “Relaxing Music Pro”

Rick Moyer releases newest LP “Relaxing Music Pro”
Lifelong musician Rick Moyer has released his newest project “Relaxing Music Pro.” The long-playing album is comprised of over four hours of well-orchestrated, tasteful music to not only soothe the body and mind, but also to inspire the listener upon waking. The album is extremely deliberate. No measure, no beat, no tick is without purpose. The relaxation record is purportedly the first to cover not only the nocturnal hours, but also the dayime.

Part One of the album, “Relaxing Music Pro” includes tracks one through seven, each of which contains twenty minutes of listening. These songs are composed in such a way as to be suitable for entertainment, the workplace, long commutes, resting, or reading. Moyer's goal for this portion of the record is that listeners should be able to inspire and motivate themselves to progress throughout their day.

Writes Moyer of this, “The music specifically provides a sense of independence and individuality, which helps to promote enthusiasm and dedication. Through listening to the songs regularly, listeners can expect to embark on a journey of self-discovery and discover their individual identity.”

These may sound like lofty goals, yet they are not only met in “Relaxing Music Pro,” but surpassed. The first section of the album is exceptionally relaxing, as well as being motivational.

It bears mentioning, also, that the record is not a hodgepodge of digital samples of raindrops in limpid pools, nor is it awash in electronic, synthetic ambiance. Rather, the album is entirely music, each track of which could be performed on-stage with a five-piece band should Moyer ever decide to take “Relaxing Music Pro” on-tour.

Part Two of his album includes another seven tracks, each with another twenty minutes' playing time. This section is intended for relaxation, meditation, healing, massage, and sleeping. “During the night,” Moyer writes, “the music’s specific aim is to allow people to unwind and relax after a hard day's work.”
From the Rick Moyer website: “Through the use of binaural beats, Rick has created an album which enables every listener to enter a state of deep relaxation. In return, listeners can expect to have healthier and more peaceful sleeps, and thus begin leading a healthier lifestyle.”
In conclusion, the record is a pleasure to hear. If a healthier lifestyle can be the result, what could possibly be better?

-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Staff Writer

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