Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Their Thousands release “Cellars” EP to critical acclaim

Irish quartet’s sophomore album pushes reputation even higher

The members of In Their Thousands have a clear idea of what they what to do – and following convention isn’t part of the plan.

“We try to make a sound that’s alternative and have an alternative message in the music and lyrics. That things don’t have to be done in the ’normal’ or mainstream way. We also try to get across the vocal harmony aspect of the band and in some way for us I think that signifies pulling together to make a collective noise.”

It’s a good thing too, because that willingness to experiment is part of the reason why the Irish quartet has already developed a reputation for crafting clever, intricate alt-pop anthems full of atmosphere and emotion.

Their first album put the band on the map as artists of significance, with the potential to take the international stage. Their second EP album, “Cellars,” does nothing to dispel the notion that In Their Thousands is well on their way to being the next big thing.

Influenced by artists like Jeff Buckley, Fleet Foxes, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, and Bon Iver, it should come as no surprise that their sound is organic but never simple, and emotive but not overwrought.

The album’s lead track, “Effort for the Waste,” has a lively Irish-folk guitar melody that contrast and intertwine with the roaring melancholy of the vocal harmonies. “Low Tide” is a more straightforward indie-pop creation. Shimmery guitars and rock solid drums create the perfect backdrop for the vocal melody. That’s common for In Their Thousands – blending unusual elements with the familiar, supported by absolute mastery of the fundamentals and a depth of feeling that imbues every note with deeper meaning.

In Their Thousands is currently engaged with the Play On The Day competition, part of the Guinness Arthur’s Day music festival. Play On The Day is the largest musical competition in Ireland. In Their Thousands has made it to the final round. After they finish conquering Ireland, expect to see them taking on other audiences very soon.

- L. Cutler

Staff Press Release Writer


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