Monday, November 26, 2012

Lory Bianco releases full-length album “Jesus Paid It All”

Lory Bianco has released her collection of hymns of praise entitled “Jesus Paid It All”

Lory Bianco (also sometimes known as Bonnie Bianco) has released her collection of hymns of praise entitled “Jesus Paid It All.” The record is a long-playing album composed of eleven remarkable, stunning tracks, showcased mainly by the striking, shining singing performed by Bianco, herself, although Bianco's exultant singing is not the only reason to pay heed.

Of the message with which she has infused her record, Bianco writes, “The message of my album is all about Jesus and His love for us. [These are] hymns for yesterday, today and tomorrow. I chose my favorite hymns of the 1800s, songs from the revival days, songs that profess the blood of Christ, the hope, the love, the opportunity of new beginnings.”

The nineteenth century “revival” Bianco refers to is called the American Second Great Awakening in history books, a scattered period of time when thousands of believers found renewed personal salvation gleaned from enormous gatherings called revival meetings across the entire United States of America. The abolition of slavery, among a great many other feats, was among the chief successes of the nineteenth century Christians to whom Bianco's collection of hymns would have been entirely familiar.

Her decision to select standard revivalist psalms and hymns of praise for her record reflects her earnest desire to merely “make a joyful noise to the Lord” [Psalms 100:1]. She is extremely capable of writing her own music, lyrics and all – and she does so on a regular and consistent basis – but “Jesus Paid It All” is an album entirely performed for the sake of the glorification of Christ, and of the God Bianco constantly remembers, recalls, and pays homage to in her art.

With regard to her art, her singing itself, Bianco writes, “My beginning influences were Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton John, Yvonne Elleman, Kate Bush, Laura Branigan and Enya.” Like these legendary chanteuses, Bianco uses a broad range and straightforward, arresting bearing, something many of today's female vocalists are either unwilling, or unable, to do. It is perhaps her earnestness and selflessness in the endeavor at hand that allow Bianco to sing with such ferocious and unbridled majesty, her voice always soaring, never lilting, always rolling like the wave, never falling like the droplet.

Whether the music fan is among the believers in Christ or not, Bianco's “Jesus Paid It All” is a shockingly astounding work of taste, expertise, beauty, balance, simply everything a great record is, and positively nothing of mediocrity at all, at all. If the cynic, agnostic, or atheist music listener can appreciate great music by famous believers such as Peter Gabriel or Leonard Cohen, he or she must not miss this fantastic album.

-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Staff Writer

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