Monday, November 19, 2012

English rock n' roll singer/songwriter JB Tel57 releases standout EP “Broken Heart”

Leicester, England, rocker JB Tel57 has at long last released his newest EP, “Broken Heart,” producing an instant classic. 
Leicester, England, rocker JB Tel57 has at long last released his newest EP, “Broken Heart,” producing an instant classic. The record is comprised of four brilliantly composed, ingeniously performed and expertly engineered tracks about love, loss, regret and redemption.

Tel57's style is a swinging blend of American rockabilly a-la Elvis Presley or Chris Isaak, and the subtle complexities of British classic rock. His chord progressions feel intuitive and familiar, yet never fail to surprise and excite the longtime music fanatic, not unlike hearing songs from the Beatles, the Animals, or the Byrds for the first time. Classy, jazzy keyboards and vintage organs back Tel57's rich vocals and seemingly effortless guitar playing. His crooning, commanding voice is masculine without sounding macho, and perfectly measured in delivery and cadence while retaining the raw, earnest quality that makes it inimitable. He shares much of his spotlight with his background harmonies, also, which are as indispensable to his sound as those of the Monkees or the Beach Boys.

Also indispensable to JB Tel57's latest record is his encompassing theme, which is that of romance gone bad. In the EP's second track, “Paranoid,” JB sings, “Love is based on trust – I know you can't trust me – so have a little faith, my love, and you will plainly see.” In the album's closing track, “This Song,” JB Tel57 sings (more than somewhat heartbreakingly; the record is entirely aptly named) “And so my life is ending, my story I have told, I lost the love of my life and now I'm gray and old.”

While these lines may strike the reader as too sad for any rock-n'-roll fun, the truth is that the reading and the hearing are extremely different experiences. Ironically, the mood of JB Tel57's “Broken Heart” is not lugubrious – although “bright and cheery” wouldn't be a fitting description, either. Rather, the record is almost certainly just what JB intended for it to be: a cathartic rock n' roll jam that is all heart, all soul and all groove, all at the same time.

Upon being asked what message his EP album may offer his fans, JB says, “It's simple: try to understand the one you love, then try harder.”

No fan of rockabilly or classic rock should do without a listen of “Broken Heart.” It may be the most legitimate classic-rock release of 2012, and it's by far the most honest one.

-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Staff Writer

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