Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Green Grass Rollers keep on trucking with release of two albums

Southern rock trio release first album today, follow up to come later this month

If you’ve never heard the Green Grass Rollers before, don’t worry. That’s about to change. The Virginia-based trio has announced the release of not one album, but two. Their signature blend of southern rock, pop, and funk has earned them fans at every live show, and now they’re bringing that experience out of the clubs, and into your speakers.

The first album, “Po’ Mofos” comes out November 5. The follow-up, “Good Times & Flash Fires,” drops November 14.

The Green Grass Rollers call their music “thrash-grass,” which describes their unique mashup of pop, funk, bluegrass, and rock and roll perfectly. Gritty, high-gain guitar melodies, and bass lines so low and muddy they might have been dredged from the bottom of the Mississippi River, with drum rhythms that wouldn’t sound out of place in a western swing band – except for the hopped up tempo, that is. It’s a combo that’s hard to resist.

“Po’ Mofos” is the first album to drop, and it’s a blockbuster opening.

“Restless & Weary,” the first track on the album, has a driving, rockabilly beat that sounds like a steam train barreling down the tracks, while the soaring guitar and rollicking bass provide a perfect counterpoint. “A New Wind” channels the best of Neil Young, with just a dash of bluesy attitude. The rest of the tracks are just as catchy.

Following up on “Po’ Mofos” is “Good Times & Flash Fires” – which shows a different side of the band. The songs on “Good Times & Flash Fires” are a little more mellow, although the trio never stops rocking. The title track features an intricate, bluegrass-influenced guitar melody, and a minimalist ambiance that gives the vocals plenty of room to move. “Summer’s Over” has a melancholy, acoustic guitar that splashes images and emotions like a picture-perfect

The trio have been playing together off and on for the last 15 years – it shows in the depth of their music, and the way the band plays together seamlessly to create an unforgettable experience at every show.

“Overall, the message in our music is about dealing with the experiences of life. Going through the good times and bad times, and trying to find balance in learning along the way – meanwhile, having a great time in the process. Making sense out of this world, by creating and sharing one thing that everyone can enjoy and relate to.”

- L. Cutler

Staff Press Release Writer


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Address - 168 Park Avenue, Danville,VA 24541

eMail - greengrassrollers@gmail.com

website - http://www.greengrassrollers.com/

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