Friday, November 23, 2012

Stephen Edington releases Christmas single “The Newborn King”

Solo singer and songwriter Stephen Edington has released his standalone Christmas single “The Newborn King”

Solo singer and songwriter Stephen Edington has released his standalone Christmas single, “The Newborn King.” Like the rest of his repertoire, the track is heavily steeped in the best traditions of folk music. Opening with a sonorous and pensive cello line, “The Newborn King” immediately stands out as a departure from typical, sugar-sweet pop fare that is pumped throughout American malls during Christmas, cleaving more to the absolute best and most respectable seasonal music. Guided mainly by Edington's own rich, gorgeous vocals, the song also features an extremely elegant, subtle female harmony line, a violin to match the cello, and an exquisitely played piano, all of which are masterfully orchestrated by Edington. His lovingly penned lyrics are simple, earnest, and poetic without becoming pretentious.

The song is – in short – an instant classic that needs only public notice to become standard fare. Performing songwriters of this caliber are exceedingly few in number today, and particularly in the seasonal genre. Veteran music fans will be hard-pressed to find a modern musician comparable to Stephen Edington in the Christmas-music vein.

Perhaps the most endearing part of the track is that Edington seems to have constructed it motivated only by his own sheer joy in doing so. Of this he writes, “I absolutely love Christmas and Christmas music. This song came to me as inspiration in one sitting a December years ago, and has always been a favorite of mine. It speaks to the true meaning of Christmas, and about us being better people because of the Christmas feelings we have.”

Edington's first record was published in 2006 and is called “Concrete and Steel.” The work, still digitally available from some distributors, is perhaps not as polished and precise as “The Newborn King,” but listening to it makes clear that his talents are not limited to mere singles. Edington says, “It was my first published work and helped me hone my songwriting, arrangement, and recording skills. It also gave me the great opportunity to connect with many other artists and musicians to put together 'The Newborn King,' and future music.”

Thank heaven for it, too. With any luck, we can expect music of this same exceptional quality from Stephen Edington for a long time to come.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer
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