Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jacopo Gianninoto releases new LP 'Herometic'

The composer and songwriter known as Jacopo Gianninoto has released his latest LP album, “Herometic.” The record comprises eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. A contemporary, experimental, highly imaginative classical record with a modern heart and an ancient soul, “Herometic” is an album no fan or student of international music should miss.

Jacopo Gianninoto cites as main artistic influences J.S. Bach, Monteverdi, Jordi Savall, Egberto Gismonti, Keith Jarrett, K. Stockhausen, John Cage, and Josquin Desprez. His compositions on “Herometic” are built on traditional underpinnings supported by familiar conceptual infrastructures, but gilt with wildly creative melodies which seem to spin naturally from his instruments without interference from the musician, himself. A live element to his recordings which make up “Herometic” is ever present, adding a jazz-like atmosphere not commonly found in the classical music genre.

Speaking of his start in music, Gianninoto writes, “The moment I started breathing, this is one thing I used to write: 'When we are born, all of us human beings, the first thing that we do is something that is usually misunderstood as crying, but in a real sense is singing... It is the sign that we are alive, the manifestation of our real nature. We are all musicians, we are all music, but just a few people keep on singing forever. So if they ask me when I started playing music, I always answer that I simply never stopped!”

Asked to describe the overall theme or message of “Herometic,” Gianninoto replies, “My music is part of my spiritual path, something that comes out of my deepest feelings and experiences. I think when someone listens to it they can experience their own things. My dream is that my music could be a sort of a mirror where each can find some little thing about themselves…but, well, it's just music that comes from me and from my heart.”

Like the rest of Gianninoto's music to date, “Herometic” focuses on the idea of creating 21st-Century music with ancient instruments, such as the lute and baroque guitar. He seeks to accomplish this with an improvisational spirit which connects to his renaissance and baroque musical studies. He often involves the works of visual artists, dancers, actors and writers for original collaborations developing like concepts from different artistic perspectives.

Jacopo Gianninoto's official bio describes him as a guitarist, lutenist and composer from Italy now based in Bangkok. He is the creator and director of several artistic multidisciplinary projects such as “Baroque Me Baby,” “Renaissance Redux,” “The Praise of Folly,” “Romance Is a Hoax,” “One/One Performance,” “The Giordano Bruno Project,” “Lux in Tenebris,” “Please Don't Entertain Me,” “Chiaroscuro,” his recent “Herometic,” and many more.

“Herometic” by Jacopo Gianninoto is available online worldwide. Classical audiophiles and fans of inventive music in general should get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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