Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sahe releases new rock EP 'Psycological Repair'

The rock crew based in Tampa Bay, FL known as Sahe (often stylized SAHE) have released their latest official EP, “Psycological Repair.” The EP is composed of five original hard-rock tracks for an approximate total listening time of 18 minutes. It is the sophomore record from Sahe, preceded only by a six-song EP recorded at Hitmaker Studios in 2013. Sporting the more aggressive and explosive elements of hard rock, alt- rock and heavy metal respectively, Sahe's “Psycological Repair” is an album all fans of hard rock music deserve to hear.

Sahe cite as main artistic influences such rock legends as the Queens of the Stone Age, AFI, AC/DC, Lamb of Gog, Deftones, and Led Zeppelin. Attributes of each can be easily noted in the five offerings on “Psycological Repair,” as well as shared characteristics with bands of the late 20th century like Metallica, D.R.I. and Pantera. Audiophiles with a penchant for any of these bands or the categories and subcategories thereof are likely to find something they're enthusiastic about in this latest EP by Florida's Sahe.

Speaking of the themes of their new record, Sahe write, “[Our new album is] one of aggression and storied point of views. The first track, 'Outcast' is about a bullied child who lashes out at his attackers. 'Judgement' is a song that goes a lot of places musically and is about a group decision regarding a fellow human who has been bitten by a zombie during the apocalypse. 'Apocalypse Now' is a song
about the end of days which starts off as a slow, heavy rock song and changes into a full-on, fast punk song. 'Wild Woman' is a fun song about a sexy woman and how she makes you feel. The EP's closer is 'Ed,' a song about the famous serial killer, Ed Gein, and his impulses. 'Ed' is most commonly played live as SAHE's signature closing song.”

Sahe was started in 2011 by brothers Pat Ehas (bass) and Nick Ehas (guitar/vocals). They were joined soon after by their close friend, (rhythm guitar) and Eric Rossmeisl (drums), after which time they have enjoyed an avid fan base and powerful momentum since. They have described their style as a mix of classic rock, punk, metal and blues.

Sahe was the winner of the first annual Crowbar Battle of the Bands in Ybor City, FL, and recently performed at the State Theater in St. Petersburg for their Christmas Party Concert featuring the best local Florida bands. Sahe has opened for the Absence, From the Embrace, the Luvdogs, and are slated to perform at the 12th annual Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase in September, 2014. They have been interviewed and featured on “The Rock Solid Pressure” radio show with hosts J-Rock and Patty the Radio Girl at, and played on Localized Interactive Internet Radio at

“Psycological Repair” by Sahe is available online worldwide beginning 15 August 2014.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Psycological Repair” by Sahe –

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