Thursday, April 9, 2015

'Chasin' the Sunbeams' single from Stephen Lantz released

The composer and performer of music known as Stephen Lantz has released his second official single for 2015, “Chasin' the Sunbeams.” The single comes on the heels of his popular, upbeat rock track, “High Sonority,” which introduced audiophiles around the world to this masterful virtuoso of instrumental music. Warm, invigorating, and easily accessible to listeners of all ages and genres, “Chasin' the Sunbeams” is a jubilant instrumental track that makes daylight seem all the brighter.

Stephen Lantz is known for writing songs which showcase the rich, clarion tones of particularly beautiful musical instruments. He plays these instruments in such a way as to blend them seamlessly into the composition, so seamlessly that the listener hears only the song itself, rather than its various parts.

“Chasin' the Sunbeams” is a piece fronted by a lively mandolin, one of a host of instruments at which Lantz is clearly adept. The single differs from Lantz's “High Sonority” by straying from classic-rock foundations in favor of the American bluegrass tradition. His straightforward, unpretentious mandolin playing combines with the intuitive natural flow which characterizes his songwriting to pull both performer and listener alike headfirst into the sound. Aficionados will agree that the overall experience of “Chasin' the Sunbeams” is reminiscent of Irish and British folk music in its tasteful, minimalist composition.

Stephen Lantz's artistic inspirations come from every point on the compass rose. He has cited the folk music of Peter, Paul and Mary and Pete Seeger, the classic rock of Cream and the Rolling Stones, the “light” rock of the Beatles, Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles, the bluegrass music of Front Range, Hot Rize and Lester Flatt, and the true country-music sounds of Merle Haggard and Jerry Jeff Walker. That his own sound demonstrates his familiarity with all of these so palpably is undeniable.

Speaking of his long history in music, Lantz writes, “My dad could sing western songs really well and could also play his own guitar accompaniment with skill. My mom was also a good singer and pianist. With such musical parents, I was hooked on music!”

It wasn't country which finally snared the artist, however. Lantz cut his teeth playing live rock music onstage for more than a decade.

“In my college and post-college years,” he writes, “I played in a great band with my good friends for about twelve years. We were a variety band and could do hard rock, rock, ballads, show tunes, country and western, blues and even bluegrass when my late brother played with us. Our vocals were truly superior and we could hold our own on the instruments, too.”

Like most musicians, however, he's had to leave the stage to make room for the rest of life, dedicating his talents to the music studio, instead.

“Then came job responsibilities, children, etc. and my music got relegated to the back burner for the most part. Now I've got more space and want to share my music with listeners to provide them with uplifting enjoyment.”

“Chasin' the Sunbeams” by Stephen Lantz is available online worldwide beginning 9 April 2015. Get in early, music fans. Be sure not to miss his previous official single, “High Sonority,” online for listening and download everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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