Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tommy Moeller of Unit 4+2 fame releases first record in decades 'Time – Special Edition'

The singer and songwriter of pop/rock music known as Tommy Moeller has released his first official album in decades, “Time – Special Edition.” The LP offers 10 original tracks from the Unit 4 + 2 front man for an approximate listening time of 40 minutes. Moeller's new album especially sports six new songs, as well as a very special and entirely fresh recording of his #1 hit, “Concrete and Clay,” the first new rendition of the Unit 4 + 2 classic in 47 years. Sporting such singles as “Heart of Mine,” “Winter Days,” and the all-new “Concrete and Clay,” “Time – Special Edition” by Tommy Moeller is truly an international event in the world of rock 'n' roll, a record fans of the classic '60s sound will absolutely not want to miss.

Tommy Moeller is largely known as the lead singer of the popular UK rock band, Unit 4 + 2, whose “Concrete and Clay” single shot to No. 1 on charts around the world in 1965 and brought the band global acclaim. A string of popular singles followed, such as “You've Never Been in Love Like This Before” and their cover of Bob Dylan's “You Ain't Goin' Nowhere,” which served to solidify the band in the chronicles of rock history once and for all.

Scores of videos showing Tommy Moeller performing both solo and with Unit 4 + 2 at various times have been garnering attention from modern music fans for years online, with views numbering in the many thousands and more each passing day. As an important British example of '60s pop culture, and part of the rock-'n'-roll story for all time, Moeller's singles have never left the airwaves for nearly 50 years, with a cover version of their “Concrete and Clay” even appearing on the soundtrack to Wes Anderson's groundbreaking indie film, “Rushmore,” as late as 1999.

Stylistically, Tommy Moeller himself has cited only the Everly Bros. as main artistic influences, but fans of bands like the Yardbirds, the Byrds, and the Zombies are sure to be enthusiastic with this special edition of “Time.” Showcasing flawless vocal harmonies, enthralling songwriting, and some of the most masterful playing ever recorded, “Time – Special Edition” by Tommy Moeller is a sparkling example of how the best pop/rock music can powerfully grip its fans for lifetimes.

Originally published in 2011 to honor the 10-year anniversary of the passing of Moeller's longtime friend and co-writer, Brian Parker, the special edition was engineered and produced by Herm Kovac at Ramrod Studios. Also performing with Moeller on the record are some of Australia's all-time greatest session players, many of whom the true audiophile will easily recognize. The album comes complete with a 12-page lyric booklet with player details, photos inside the recording studio, and various 1960s memorabilia to delight Tommy Moeller fans both new and returning.

“Time – Special Edition” by Tommy Moeller is available online worldwide. Get in early, '60s rock fans.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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