Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Wrong Windows release new LP 'Days of Yore'

The rock crew known as the Wrong Windows have released their highly awaited debut LP, “Days of Yore.” The full-length album has been proudly published on the Quagmire (Sparky) Productions, Inc. independent music label. It comprises five original tracks and three cover tunes, one each from the Helium, PJ Harvey, and Divinyls repertoires, for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. Evocative, groovy, occasionally sentimental and often full of sonic optimism, “Days of Yore” from the Wrong Windows is an alternative-rock record with a ton of character and all the heart and soul in the world.

The Wrong Windows is a rock project informed by a kaleidoscopic variety of the world's best singer-songwriters. Their cited influences include legends such as Jeff Buckley, Elvis Costello, Mary's Danish, Alice In Chains, Jethro Tull, Jack White, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. Still, much of what gives this male-helmed band their inimitable tone is a penchant for the work of females in music.

Wrong Windows mastermind Billy Z. Duke writes of this, “Chelsea Wolfe, Gemma Hayes, Sarah Slean, Fiona Apple, and many, many more … I have a great fondness in general for female vocals and distorted guitars, and I've integrated hundreds of names of the women whose work has inspired me on the artwork for the record.”

As it happens, “Days of Yore” is a debut LP that emerged almost of its own volition.

“This project originated with a much humbler scope,” Duke explains. “It was intended to be a quick and dirty demo tape, just to get something released, get our band name out there, have something to sell at shows… But as the recording process progressed, more and more ideas began to flow in, and after a year and a half of collaboration with the band and other musical and visual artists in my social circle, it began to approach monolithic status.”

As playful and casual as the album feels to the listener, it's deceptively complex and highly textured in terms of musical composition and lyrical depth, also.

“I would say that the album is a time capsule of sorts, an attempt to express in artistic terms my take on the current state of affairs in our world,” writes Duke. “As a songwriter, I tend to create creative curricula for myself, concepts around which I can compose material, and the Wrong Windows is perhaps the broadest possible such concept I've yet attempted: I want to write the 'American Standards' for the 21st Century.”

Longtime fans of rock 'n' roll and of songwriting in general will feel paradoxical when listening to “Days of Yore.” It manages to be both cutting edge and nostalgic at the same time by sewing older, somewhat neglected musical threads into new patterns. This results in uniquely creative sounds which trick the ear into feeling somehow familiar with the material.

“Our debut album is both a throwback and a look forward,” Duke writes, “dealing lyrically with issues including the bittersweet temptations of nostalgia and sentimentality, government corruption and institutionally sanctioned discrimination, the great divide between our wishes and their fulfillment… It's a tall order, to be sure. I could go on for numerous paragraphs, but I know from experience that I'd be better off finding a way to distill my message for those with less abundant attention spans. Thus… the music!”

“Days of Yore” by the Wrong Windows is available online worldwide. Fans of alt-rock and great songwriting should get in early. This record is going to grow on you.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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