Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jamaican artist Silkkey D releases new EP record 'Wrapped Up in Your Arms'

The singer and songwriter of roots rock known as Silkkey D has released his latest EP record album, “Wrapped Up in Your Arms.” The extended-play release comprises four original songs from the artist plus one remix, for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. The widely anticipated album has been proudly published on the Black Tiger Music independent music label without the influence of the corporate music industry. A lively, youthful, soulful and uplifting album full of the island spirit of Jamaica, “Wrapped Up in Your Arms” by Silkkey D is music that fans of any genre can get behind.

Black Tiger Music's Silkkey D has cited as main artistic influences such legends as Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Jacob Miller (Inner Circle), Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder. Of these, Silkkey D's most evident similarities lie with the first three, all of whom hail from the musical hotbed of Jamaica also.

Asked to describe the overall theme of his latest album, Silkkey D writes it succinctly: “As long as there is Life and Love, there is hope.”

Silkkey D, who was born in the St. Catherine Parish of the island, has been performing music live since the age of six, when he cut his teeth by singing solos in his neighborhood's church choir. Graduating to dramatic and musical stage productions by high school, it was to writing and performing his own music which appealed most to him, and before long his first track, “Wine,” was recorded at Black Scorpio Studios in Kingston.

“Wine” received repeated and popular circulation on public radio, and Silkkey D's career began in earnest. CEO of True Friends Studio, Mikey “Bumpa” Melody, also garnered the skills of Silkkey D for his own recording, and further encouraged the artist to continue his work in music.

Silkkey D's current official bio quotes the book of Luke, saying, “To whom much is given, much is required.” The bio describes the artist as a hardworking singer and songwriter who, “takes nothing for granted and works hard to showcase his God-given talent.” It also describes him as “the first to arrive at the studio and the last to exit [the studio],” and a writer of “conscious lyrics that give a voice to the impoverished communities, as well as ballads of love.”

He has been called “a selfless person who puts the needs of others before his own, and punctuates his beliefs with love, delivered through his music.”

The artist's official bio concludes with a quote from Silkkey D, himself.

“Great is the man who thinks great of the next man.”

“Wrapped Up in Your Arms” by Silkkey D is available online worldwide from Black Tiger Music.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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