Thursday, April 30, 2015

Music mastermind Loris Zoppelletto releases new single 'Time Freeze'

The ingenious music artist known as Loris Zoppelletto has released his latest official single, “Time Freeze.” The track has been published on the 01Soul System independent record label outside the influence of the corporate music industry. At once both cutting-edge and based on the same house music principles which founded the popular scene in Europe and the United States, “Time Freeze” by Loris Zoppelletto is a dance music phenomenon which gets dance floors jumping in seconds, flat.

Unique to “Time Freeze” and setting it apart from the rest of the EDM and house music genres is the philosophy which it exemplifies, the point its creator, Loris Zoppelletto, is trying to make in having created it. Being foremost a specialist in science and technology, Zoppelletto believes in becoming adroit in multiple fields. Hence, his foray into making music is a message and a proof to the public at large.

“The song 'Time Freeze' has been created for advertising Meetab products for extreme sports,” writes Zoppelletto. (Meetab is an Italian company offering nutritional supplements with an emphasis on metabolomics and all-natural ingredients.) “The style of the piece is dynamic and lively, alternating moments of suspension where the pace slows down and gives breath to the frenzy of the sport that it symbolizes.”

Zoppelletto himself has been described as “a very curious person who believes that the ability of everyone to learn can improve indefinitely. Although he specialized in technology and science with a degree in electrical engineering, he believes strongly in the power of those who can move in different fields simultaneously.”

2001 saw Zoppelletto speaking at a public conference at which he was quoted as saying, “A very interesting word in this period is 'multidisciplinary.' In a sense it is the opposite of 'specialization.' If you specialize in electronics, you'll be an expert in electronic equipment. If you specialize in music, you will be an expert of instruments and sounds. But if you can master both, you may be the one who invents a new way of making music or a new way to record it, or pass it or produce it. Think about it: the things that have influenced our lives in recent decades are the ability to deal with two or more diverse sectors. It's a very creative field!”

Speaking for Meetab, the company for which “Time Freeze” was written, Zoppelletto writes that “The body care, health and nutrition are things which takes up a huge amount of attention in the human being. Although medicine has reached excellent levels in curing acute diseases, efforts are now heading to treat chronic conditions (lasting longer than 3 months). One of the most promising fields in this direction is nutritional medicine. It is a great bet for the future and an exciting opportunity to create value and wellbeing.”

Zoppelletto is known also as a trainer in various fields. With many years of experience, he has dedicated himself to codify teaching methods and systems for creating content to transmit skills to different types of audiences. The effort in this direction culminated in the filing of a patent for a revolutionary method allowing one to quickly create a systematic training course. This method has been registered under the eDooCo® trademark.

“Time Freeze” by Loris Zoppelletto represents the fruit of an artist's creative efforts, but with the added meaning that the artist is not primarily an artist, but rather a multi-disciplinarian. Listen today!

“Time Freeze” by Loris Zoppelletto is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Time Freeze” by Loris Zoppelletto –

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