Thursday, March 6, 2014

South Side Exiles release debut self-titled album


The Chicago rock crew known as South Side Exiles have released their debut, self-titled LP record, “South Side Exiles.” The album is comprised of eight tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been released proudly and independently on the Eternal Return Records label. South Side Exiles play original songs written and performed in the classic American style of the 1970s rock tradition, and their debut LP stands as proof that the old sound is just as charged and solid as it ever was.

South Side Exiles (often stylized SouthSideExiles) cite as main artistic influences the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, the Faces, Humble Pie, Lou Reed, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Joe Strummer, and Tim Armstrong. Their album exhibits many of the best qualities of this rock melange, particularly in terms of rhythm and a healthy dose of blues undertones. Their debut record develops its rock via a consistently dependable roll, a return to the deep groove that was the backbone of the genre until heavy metal took precedence in the '80s.

The band's official bio reads, “The SouthSideExiles are a Chicago-based vintage '70s rock and roll band. Our original songs are based on melodic riff guitar and lyrics that speak of everyday life, work, love, desire, and the hope of something better.”

Their album is easily accessible to fans of all kinds of music. Its tones are deep and warm, its style confident and cool. The skill of each member of South Side Exiles is obvious, impressive and perfectly executed. Their chops, their bio points out, were developed over decades of playing on Chicago's famous Archer Avenue.

The South Side Exiles motto, emblazoned across their official Facebook page, reads: “Don't look back. Only rock and roll can save you now.”

South Side Exiles are Eddie Grzyb (percussion), G. Nawrocki (guitar / vocals), Nick Grzyb (bass guitar), and Bob Raudys (keys).

“South Side Exiles” by South Side Exiles is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer


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