Thursday, March 13, 2014

Valleyman releases new album 'Hertzhague'


The long-admired composer of electronic music known as Valleyman has returned with a new version of his 1995 classic record, “Hertzhague.” The record has been digitized at top-quality for download everywhere in the world and is the proud debut release of Belgium's latest and most adventurous music label, Zon Records (link provided below). The 2014 release also includes a bonus track, “Thymus,” a crucial new addition for fans of Valleyman and of ambient electronica in general.

The new “Hertzhague” is a mammoth LP, comprised of 14 original compositions for a listening time of more than an hour. The record has stood for decades as one of the most principle and foundational albums in the electronica genre, and one which no fan of digital music can afford to miss.

Valleyman's sound is described variously as ambient, chillout, or progressive electronica, and sometimes all three, but at the time of its release the term “alternative music” was still the most widely used term to describe such music in the English world. Valleyman's tone has been compared to Pluto and Manuel Gottsching, Colfax, Mijo, Fingertwister, and Elba.

The title of “Hertzhague” is a compound of two words, 'hertz' and 'Hague,' the first of which is the scientific unit of measurement for sound wave frequencies, and the second being the capitol building and seat of government for the Netherlands in South Holland.

Valleyman is the professional name of Peter Velleman. He has also published records under the name, the Launch Project, and to date has four full-length, deeply respected records: “Exe,” first published in 1993 on 49-Parallel Records; “Boatdrill,” and “Angle,” both released on the popular XXP Records label. XXP was also the publisher of “Hertzhague” in its original form. “Managing the Meat” by the Electromen was released on Terminal Antwerp in 2002, and was a Velleman collaboration with the respected electronica composer, Dirk De Boeck. Velleman's talents appear on two De Boeck records to date.

Velleman's new label, Zon, describes themselves on their official Facebook page:

“[We are] a brand-new indie record company based in Aalst-Flanders-Belgium. We love electronic and dance-related music. Our motto: 'We do what we like'.”

Get in early, this is real ambient from the heart of electronic music – and though Valleyman has gone on record to state that there will be new Valleyman LPs to come, there's no reason to wait. “Hertzhague” by Valleyman is available once again around the world.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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