Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ido Records releases new contest EP 'Battle of the Tracks'

The independent music label known as Ido Records have released their latest EP, “Battle of the Tracks.” The EP showcases four music projects chosen by the label for distribution on the “Battle of the Tracks” album, namely: Prizm Production, Kevin South, the Curbs, and the Red Queens. This EP comprises approximately 15 minutes of listening and has been published by Ido Records entirely outside the influence of corporate music entities. Bringing some of the best talent in modern music from four different genres altogether, the “Battle of the Tracks” EP introduces not just a bevy of rapidly rising independent musicians, but also one of the most innovative and influential record labels in London.

The “Battle of the Tracks” music contest EP contains the following tracks, given here in the order they appear with comments from the Ido Records label.

“Uncontrollable” by PRIZM Production: “If you could pick one word to describe new Electronic and Dance Music group PRIZM, it would have to be 'Energy,'” writes Ido Records. “Starting out as three young lads from South London, each have got their sights set on one goal for their futures – music.”

“Be Mine” by Kevin South: Ido Records describes South as “a solo artist who, in his writing and interpreting the songs, is reminiscent of the Beatles. His is music that comes from pure feelings, a rare thing these days.”

“Shame of Me” by the Curbs: according to Ido Records, the Curbs are “Heaven-kissed cross-breeds from London who create a sound laced with beer, margaritas and passion.”

“Same Again” by the Red Queens: is an example of contemporary indie-pop music which is “Simple and decisive at the same time,” writes the label, who go on to say the Red Queens spend their time “filling the evenings of London with their notes and their messages.”

Asked to comment on the general theme of the EP, Ido Records writes that it is essentially based on “Love and respect.” With regard to the impetus of “Battle of the Tracks,” itself, they write that “Battle of the Tracks comes from an idea to unearth new talents who deserve a chance to get out in the sunlight. The publication of this work is the reward we give to these four artists for their hard work.”

The “Battle of the Tracks” EP from Ido Records is available online worldwide now. Audiophiles and music fans everywhere should get in early. This is cutting-edge and heartfelt sound from the very core of independent music.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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