Tuesday, May 19, 2015

MyStrok releases new single 'Hustler's Salute' feat. MyRow Sanchez

The artist, producer and songwriter known as MyStrok has released his latest hip-hop single, “Hustler's Salute” feat. MyRow Sanchez. The track has been proudly produced and distributed around the globe on the Pop-I Records independent music label, entirely outside the scope and influence of the corporate music industry. Powerfully delivered, booming with back beat and bass, and showcasing some of the most razor-sharp urban poetry ever set to music, “Hustler's Salute” by MyStrok is a hip-hop instant classic that fans of the genre should not be without.

MyStrok is an artist with talent in a variety of musical arenas. Beginning first as an avid listener, he soon graduated to being part of the sound as a multi-instrumentalist.

“I grew up loving a whole variety of music,” he writes of this. “I played a few instruments – drums, bass guitar – but never really took it serious til later in life.”

Though now a grown man, MyStrok's interest in writing, performing, and producing hip hop (not to mention enjoying albums by his favorite artists as a true audiophile) is much more than just a pastime to him.

“Now music is my passion,” writes the rapper. “I'm jus' trying to share my love the best way I know how, through music.”

In addition to the considerable skills and talents of MyStrok, himself, “Hustler's Salute” also features the work of the artist's friend and collaborator, MyRow Sanchez. The artists have been described online as two of the most genuine rappers in the underground scene, their lines and rhymes evoking images of real life and gritty nonfictional circumstances. Both new and longtime fans of MyStrok and MyRow Sanchez are certain to get what they've been waiting for with this latest release of “Hustler's Salute.”

“Hustler's Salute” by MyStrok and introducing MyRow Sanchez is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Hustler's Salute” by MyStrok and introducing MyRow Sanchez –

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