Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Redvers Bailey releases new LP 'If You Want to Fly You've Got to Let Go'

The music artist known as Redvers Bailey has released his latest LP record, “If You Want to Fly You've Got to Let Go.” The album contains ten tracks for a total listening time of about 40 minutes, making for a comprehensive introduction to this remarkable new contemporary-folk songwriter from England. Heartfelt, upbeat, brilliantly colorful and surprisingly unique, “If You Want to Fly You've Got to Let Go” by Redvers Bailey is easily one of the best contemporary-folk albums to be released in the last five years.

Redvers Bailey cites as main artistic influences Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, the Arcade Fire, Fionn Regan, and the Beatles. While this esteemed list shows a great deal of musical taste on Bailey's part, it does not shed much light on his own style, however, which sounds as refreshingly new to the ear as an innovated color might please the eye.

Better elucidating the general tone of “If You Want to Fly...” by Redvers Bailey is his response to being asked about his start in music.

“I was in the school dinner queue and the boy in front of me was showing a pretty girl photos of his band performing,” he writes. “I told the boy my stepdad had a drumkit and asked to be drummer in the band.”

This warm, charmingly candid and altogether amusing anecdote is Bailey's LP in microcosm. “If You Want to Fly...” by Redvers Bailey is warm, charmingly candid, and altogether amusing. Still, this is not to say the album is without somber undertones. Many of the record's silver linings gleefully decorate what would otherwise be clouds of utterly realistic gloom.

Commenting on his LP's overall theme, Bailey writes, “The message of the album is to follow your dreams and follow your heart, value your friends, sing from the heart, enjoy life, travel, love and dance like there's no one watching.”

Redvers Bailey is a modern troubadour in the literal sense. His current official bio describes his present days as full of “traveling, gathering new experiences and touring to perform in the streets, music clubs, bars and living rooms of Europe; singing, fingerpicking and strumming joyously melancholic modern-folk songs and the works of his heroes, and telling sometimes-humorous stories about life, love and laughter.”

In addition to other locations, Redvers Bailey has performed across the UK and in Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. His music has at least partially been molded by frequent performances for non-English-speaking audiences, and his live shows have been called full of dance, melody and passion.

“For those who do understand the words,” his official bio reads, “beautiful melodic poetry flows throughout every song, giving each listener an enchanting and memorable experience.”

Music by Bailey has been described as “gentle and warm, sometimes soaring, sometimes whispering secrets and often telling confessional stories and referencing [musical] influences.”

“If You Want to Fly You've Got to Let Go” by Redvers Bailey is available online worldwide from major music outlets, as well as in digital-download, CD or vinyl forms from Bailey's official website (link provided below). Fans of contemporary folk and singer-songwriter music should get in early. Very early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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