Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Luke Underhill releases new album 'Atlas Unplugged'

The singer and songwriter known as Luke Underhill has released his second album of 2015, “Atlas Unplugged.” The acoustic record is a 40-min. record much anticipated by his loyal and growing fan base, preceded by his 2013 debut EP “Back to November” and the recently released and highly acclaimed “Atlas” EP. All three have been proudly published on the Rags Records independent music label. Soulful, earnest and remarkably well-written, “Atlas Unplugged” is the latest reason for music aficionados to pay close attention to this young performer from the Chicago area.

Luke Underhill has cited the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer as main artistic influences, each of which has added an element to Underhill's signature style. This style is marked by songwriting of the highest caliber in the pop-music tradition, particularly showcased in the pared-down recordings and cleanly unadorned performances captured on this new “Atlas Unplugged” release.

“I wanted to keep the acoustic versions real simple and pure,” the artist himself writes of this, “just me and my instrument with a few subtle accents here and there.”

With one exception, Underhill's new “Atlas Unplugged” contains an acoustic version of every track on his “Atlas” EP. “Atlas Unplugged” also comes packaged with three acoustic tracks not featured on his plugged-in record, though fans new and old will attest that both albums are needed for a roundly comprehensive experience of the Luke Underhill sound.

Asked to describe his themes on the “Atlas” and “Atlas Unplugged” albums, Underhill has said, “There are many ways to live your life and you can find answers in many different ways and places. Sometimes you need help, direction and guidance. Just like when you're traveling to a destination, sometimes you need to refer to an 'Atlas' for directions and guidance to help get you there.”

Also very much of note with regard to Underhill's sudden rise is the announcement that he plans to release yet another record, currently titled “Hyphen,” in spring of 2016. It is rumored the album, the length of which has not been publicly proclaimed, will be entirely composed of new Luke Underhill material.

“Atlas Unplugged” by Luke Underhill is available online worldwide. Fans of singer-songwriters and pop music should get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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