Friday, January 11, 2013

Breakaway Sydney DJ Upstairsmic releases debut album “Up”

Upstairsmic, a digital music artist from Sydney, Australia, has released his debut, long playing record entitled “Up.”

Upstairsmic, a digital music artist from Sydney, Australia, has released his debut, long playing record entitled “Up.” The album contains twenty original digital tracks, each of them orchestrated and recorded by Upstairs mic himself, and produced with Ableton Live Intro (an entry level, professional grade software for producing records). Upstairsmic’s record boasts approximately one and a quarter hours playing time, a massive feat for an up and coming DJ.

Mic himself describes the music as “an experimental mix of club based beats and deep house [music], with splashes of dirty deep house,” although the careful listener may also perceive touches of ambient house, trance music, and turn of the millennium techno blended into his highly personal style, which style tends to respect the early-nineties traditions of the United Kingdom’s digital music pioneers. The sound is balanced, spacious at times, jam-packed at times, and occasionally stacked high to the ceiling with levels of instrumentation for a “wall of sound” effect, though Upstairsmic is more often than not a talented kind of minimalist composer. “Up” does not feature vocals in any of his compositions.

Listeners can just have fun with this album,” DJ Upstairsmic says, “as there are no vocals. That leaves it free to interpretation.”

Upstairsmic’s record is generally lighthearted and full of joi de vivre. His mellow sense of humor can be easily heard in the “hop, skip, jump”- like  phrasing of his melody lines, as well as in the names of his tracks. The track titles on “Up” are permutations of the preposition, itself; for instance: LoveUp, WassUp, BringitUp, HighUp, GetUp, MessUp, et cetera.

DJ Upstairsmic is humble about this, his flagship release, however. “This is my debut album,” he says. “It is essentially a low-budget album created as an entry into production in the electronic music industry.”

Perhaps it is, at that, but listeners will also say “Up” is – in its essence – absolutely, positively, and unavoidably fun.

“Up” is available online everywhere beginning 11 January 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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