Friday, January 4, 2013

Stockholm based rock band “Our Untold Story” releases self-titled EP

The Stockholm based rock band “Our Untold Story” has released their long awaited, extended play and self titled record to broad fan acclaim.
The Stockholm based rock band “Our Untold Story” has released their long awaited, extended play and self titled record to broad fan acclaim. The record is a heavy hitting rock and roll EP in the tradition of the best 1970s New York punk rock, although its thick classic rock influences often prevail, resulting in a sound that is edgy and subtly violent, yet surprisingly groovy and clean. Front man and songwriter Xander Turian provides stylishly warbling vocals in the tradition of the Misfits' Glenn Danzig, while OUS's jazzy, bluesy instrumentalist lineup demonstrates some of the most obviously powerful band chemistry since the Beatles. The “Our Untold Story” EP contains five tracks comprising approximately 22 minutes of music.

Since their inception, Our Untold Story has formed under the influence of several members who have since departed, but the EP showcases musicians Xander Turian on vocals and guitar, Johan Weidenhaijn on bass guitar, Oscar Magnuson on drums, and Mamud Miyan playing lead guitar. The band also regularly boasts of Andreas Westholm as their star producer, and the official Our Untold Story website names Dennis Manfredsson as their newest member on percussion (no fewer than sixty five drummers applied for the position).

Singer Turian names as the band's main influences classic rockers like the Doors, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Black Sabbath; elements of each legendary music group are easily discerned in the “Our Untold Story” EP.
Additionally, Turian's lyrics are carefully penned and show meticulousness in diction, moral, and symbolism. When asked about the message of their premier release, Turian writes, “The album shares the journey of a lost soul desperately searching for inner peace, trying to withstand the troubles the world throws. Love, passion, hate, death, drugs, violence, sex – everything the world has to offer in the way of confusion, before the light is apparent and total peace is truly achieved.”

“Our Untold Story,” the self titled EP is available online everywhere.
-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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