Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resonant Visions, a Los Angeles based neo-classic rock artist, has released his premier EP, “First Glimpse.”
Resonant Visions, a Los Angeles based neo-classic rock artist, has released his premier EP, “First Glimpse.” The four-song Resonant Visions collection is a well-orchestrated and performed rock record in the electrifying style of early heavy metal progenitors such as Led Zeppelin and Rush. David Michael Ramirez, the beating heart and forward thinking mind of Res. Visions, sings his poetry-infused lyrics with an acid rock drawl, not unlike a somewhat more cogent Jim Morrison, or perhaps a Bob Dylan with verve (much more verve).

The sound of “First Glimpse” is everything rock and roll has failed to be for far too long: explosive, impetuous, teeth baring, violently sexual and brutally intellectual all at once. While the record is undoubtedly packed with more talent than a Mensa artists' dinner party, and while the sheer rock is more than enough reason to stay for Resonant Vision's encore, Ramirez's orchestration itself is the true star of the show. No instrument is predictable at any point. Every measure is an exclamation point of percussion, guitar, and bass, while Ramirez's vocals drift between the lines, a powerfully poetic period.

Upon being asked what started him in music, Ramirez answers with characteristic profundity (and startling clarity, as well): “...A proclivity to structure verses and tunes that kinetically resonate with the duty to solve the riddle of what makes a song beautiful.”

When asked, too, about the message “First Glimpse” might share with his fans, Resonant Visions responds with a remarkable and untitled poem, reprinted here in its introspective and gorgeous entirety. More thought-provoking turns of phrase may be found at the Resonant Visions website URL, located below.

Audacity’s boundary,
is the circumference of preparation.
Love as a harmonic oscillator is an interrelation that, when shifted from its position of equanimity where happiness resides, will experience a rejuvenating impetus proportional to the displacement, initiated by tenderness.
Freedom’s day lasts, until valor’s sun sets.
Plurality intensifies the mind’s purity.
Hope is the music of the spirit, that awakens the mind,
that then experiences the enjoyment of its dream.
The power of the autonomous transforms:
the prosaic into the majestic;
the prevalent into the unprecedented;
the typical into the phenomenal;
the obvious into the stupendous.
Reaching for a dream,
has the upper hand over grasping it.

The “First Glimpse” EP is available online everywhere beginning early January, 2013. No rock fan should miss it. It's certainly not the last we'll be hearing of Resonant Visions – and what we're hearing is loud.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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