Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Matty Underwood releases bombshell single “I Don't Need the Light”

Powerhouse singer-songwriter Matty Underwood has released his premier single and video, “I Don't Need the Light” in anticipation of his upcoming album.
Powerhouse singer-songwriter Matty Underwood has released his premier single and video, “I Don't Need the Light” in anticipation of his upcoming album. The single is a standout introduction to what will doubtless be a remarkable record, and the accompanying video showcases Underwood's passion and talent on the live stage in a way that would otherwise only be possible by attending a performance.
The single is an extremely catchy, heartfelt song with pop-rock influences and mild dubstep undertones, capped with stirring, awe-inspiring vocals by Underwood, himself.

The most immediately awe-inspiring quality is in Underwood's songwriting, quickly followed by his singing performance. The mere phrasing of his lines is enough to keep the song at the forefront of the music fan's thinking for hours after having listened. The tones of “I Don't Need the Light” are at first reminiscent of Robert Miles, but are quickly punctuated by spooky, bright guitars like the work of U2's the Edge. This is appropriate for Underwood's sound because, like U2, much of his strength relies on clarion-call singing at the top of the range. This strength (which in “I Don't Need the Light” is emotionally visceral and can be literally staggering) is easily enough to demand attention from anyone with a soft spot for Coldplay or John Mayer – and especially if one likes power in music. The slightly audible distortion of Underwood's voice pegging the VU needle into the red is absolute gorgeousness. There is intensity in “I Don't Need the Light” like the looming impact of a metric ton of bricks falling at 32 feet per second per second.

This intensity comes partially from Underwood's personal life, and partially from his having to shelf his career in music for years in order to pursue a responsible man's occupation. This occupation now well in hand, Underwood is in the process of rewarding the music world for patiently awaiting his return. His own longing for this moment drips from every note and syllable like molten lead.

Regarding the material of “I Don't Need the Light” and that of his upcoming album, Underwood says, “Some songs are anticipatory, some songs are introspective, some songs are private thoughts...” As an afterthought, he adds with a smile: “– now public.”

The high artistic quality of “I Don't Need the Light” is unmistakable by any account, to any taste, and whether Underwood needs the light or not, chances are he's about to get an awful lot of it.

“I Don't Need the Light” is available online around the globe beginning late January, 2013. His new album has a tentative release date scheduled late February or early March, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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