Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cafe Band releases debut LP record “Reborn”

Contemporary Christian music artists Cafe Band have released their debut full-length album, “Reborn”
Contemporary Christian music artists Cafe Band have released their debut full-length album, “Reborn.” The album contains fourteen tracks comprising a full hour of listening. Of the individual tracks many various genres of music are covered, including (but not limited to) classic rock, prog rock, pop rock, alt rock, blues, country, easy listening, and more. Remarkably, Cafe Band manages to retain a consistent identity in its sound throughout this myriad array, with the result that their tonal capacity is elastic and comprehensive, rather than confused or erratic. Band leader Jeff Finger sings with a clear, folk-inspired voice not unlike Neil Young sans vibrato, or perhaps The Band's Rick Danko (most famous for the 1968 hit “The Weight”).

Cafe Band is actually composed of approximately twenty musicians who perform weekly at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. “Reborn,” thereby, features a surprising scale of instruments. A harmonica begins its bluesy harp following a particularly modern rock song, a violin glides gorgeously within earshot. It is common while listening to Cafe Band's “Reborn” to find oneself amid several different instruments that are played with such skill and temperance, each patient member to his or her portion, that it is impossible to know just how many performers contributed to the piece, like a meal of many courses wherein each dish is perfectly measured, dainty and delightful.

While the music is exquisite, precise and expertly executed, it is not the focus of Cafe Band's artistry, nor can it be said in earnest that their aim is art. The album is entirely a work of praise and thanksgiving, worshipful and righteous, and at no time seems tainted by ostentation, ego, or glitz. It is plain music clearly intended as a communication with their God and a communion with the people of their God, and though the sound is masterful, it has at first and at last their Lord and Master in mind. Their goals for the record, however, are not all celestial. Cafe Band's “Reborn” is also a work of charity intended to help victims of sex-trafficking. An in-depth explanation of this intent by Jeff Finger, himself, below.*

“Reborn” is available everywhere online beginning 12 January 2013.

* The Cafe band wanted Reborn to go beyond ”another CD” and has partnered with the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition (BAATC) that was founded by Betty Ann Boeving. BAATC has a focused effort to address the sex-trafficking problem in the Bay Area. Interestingly enough, its evolution as an organization practically mirrored the two years of development of the album by the Café Band. From the early part of 2011, Betty Ann began developing an approach to fighting the slave trade on the [Bay Area's] Peninsula, an approach that is now about to sponsor its 2nd (and bi-annual) summit in January of 2013, a gathering of people from all over the United States to consider how the average person can be an ambassador of this fight against one of the great evils of our time. As a result of this partnership, the musicians of the Cafe Band will donate the sales of their music and this album to support new life for victims in human trafficking.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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