Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cael Anton releases flagship LP album “The Architect Becomes a Tree”

Cael Anton, a celebrated Canadian musician living in Seoul, Korea, has released his flagship LP concept album, “The Architect Becomes a Tree.”

Cael Anton, a celebrated Canadian musician living in Seoul, Korea, has released his flagship LP concept album, “The Architect Becomes a Tree.” The record showcases Anton's natural talent for marrying diverse styles of music in his compositions, styles which include but are not limited to traditional rock and roll, blues, jazz, digital format, indie rock, and classical symphony, culminating in a carefully balanced swirl of alternative music that Anton himself has called, “progressive electronic rock.” Although “The Architect Becomes a Tree” is a standard long-playing album at approximately 45 minutes long, the shortest of its tracks weighs in at less than two minutes, while the longest broaches six and a half, which although not particularly important a statistic as albums go, illustrates one of the record's chief charms: a balance between individuality and interdependence among Anton's songs that is both beautiful and remarkable.

As a result of this characteristic, Anton's “The Architect...” can be difficult to pigeonhole with a genre, which is doubtless intentional, although the music seems so effortlessly and naturally comprised that it is hard to imagine the composer working too diligently to contrive any desired attribute at all. Overall, the first comparison that music fans are perhaps most likely to make will be to genius alternative rock favorites from England, Radiohead, but there are also many principles present that evoke the early work of David Bowie, although with less emphasis on classic rock. Anton's music does not shy from electronic effects, but neither does it predicate itself upon it. Rather, the mood and sound of “The Architect...” are both postmodern and anachronistic, classic and cutting-edge. The tone of the record entire is a yin and yang of major and minor chords, treble and bass clefs, vivacity and entranced enchantment.

This unlikely interplay between blended extremes (which is indeed difficult to describe; at times the sounds of a given track seem to come from afar and yet ring out directly in front of the hearer) is by no means accidental – except where it is what one might call purposefully incidental. As one might expect with a title like “The Architect Becomes a Tree,” Cael Anton's record is a concept album that has at its core an eastern philosophy that is commonly translated as “dependent origination.” This is the idea that everything arises in dependence upon multiple causes and conditions, and that nothing can therefore exist as a singular, independent entity. The interlaced individuality of Anton's tracks exemplifies this concept as they neatly form a coherent whole.

The album follows its protagonist’s changing psychological state as he moves from a mundane understanding of reality into one of deeper connection,” Anton writes. Truly, although the record is glad bliss to hear as either background music or the subject of conscientious study, the student of music theory and the casual listener alike is sure to hear genius and joy in “The Architect Becomes a Tree.”

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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