Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Story of Bluebeard release newest single “I’ll Give You Roses”

Los Angeles legends of the Sunset Strip, the Story of Bluebeard, have released their romantic powerhouse single, “I'll Give You Roses,” just in time for Valentine's Day. 
Los Angeles legends of the Sunset Strip, the Story of Bluebeard, have released their romantic powerhouse single, “I'll Give You Roses,” just in time for Valentine's Day. The song is a modern classic that deviates not at all from the quality and exacting skill fans of Bluebeard have come to expect from them over the forty years (and running) of their career. In addition to the single, the Story of Bluebeard has also released an equally strong B-side called “Sad Forgotten Song.”

The tone of “I'll Give You Roses” is raw and clean at once. The Story of Bluebeard showcases razor-sharp guitar work with tons of bluesy groove, in the vein of classic rockers like Heart or early Aerosmith. Bluebeard's notorious, glorious vocals as rich and gorgeous as Roy Orbison's. The drums are driving and with a touch of jazz, neither the boring “chopping wood” of heavy metal nor the ostentation of many glam rock percussionists. Their bass is a phantom that dances and weaves in and out between the notes, holding up the melody line like a suspension bridge. Their remarkable keyboardist plays as expertly and wonderfully as any of the other integral members, not as a backdrop of sound the way many keyboard players are relegated these days. Bluebeard's keys are as important to their sound as the keyboard was to the Monkees.

Many music fans will be uninitiated to the genius and chemistry of the Story of Bluebeard, however, and this is largely the fault of the gluttonous late-70s and early-80s music industry, which began to overlook staggeringly talented and popular acts in lieu of easy marketing (which behavior would eventually all but destroy it in the late 90s). As a result, Bluebeard reigned for decades as the Led Zeppelin of the rock n' roll underground, the most skilled, passionate, earnest and popular unsigned rock act in Los Angeles. They were staples of the World Famous KROQ music station. They played with Steppenwolf, Van Halen, and the Motels, among a slough of others.

Tragically, original lead singer and songwriter for the Story of Bluebeard, Robert Barry Leech walked off-stage forever in 2004, which reunited the remaining band members so that music fans around the world have Bluebeard's awe-inspiring live shows and music for years to come (there are nine albums to date).

Rock fans do not need to miss this important and exceptional piece of rock history (and history-in-the-making). The Story of Bluebeard's “I'll Give You Roses” is available online worldwide beginning late January, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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