Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grafton Street Jules releases newest single “Pills and Dro”

Rap artist Grafton Street Jules has released his latest single, “Pills and Dro.” 
Rap artist Grafton Street Jules has released his latest single, “Pills and Dro.” He has released the single in anticipation of his larger release, the extended play album “Sleep When I am Dead.” Of the EP Grafton Street Jules says, “Basically, it’s a body of work that symbolizes hard work and lyricism,” which are the two qualities that stand out most in the “Pills and Dro” single, itself, so this is not surprising. The rapper also has a strong sense of humor that is equally showcased in “Pills...” He goes on to quip about his musical work ethic, “'Sleep When I am Dead' also features magnificent word play from today’s hungriest starving artist.”

Grafton Street Jules is a Connecticut hip-hop artist, but he was raised by parents from the South and has since relocated to that area. This has allowed him to feature such artists on his up and coming EP as Lil' Boosie and big Krit, as well as take advantage of the studio skills of Houston's DJ Lil' Steve.

Like many artists, Grafton Street Jules learned musicianship from the masters. He describes his internship like this: “I was introduced to music as a teenager. My brother gave me a NWA album and the rest is history.” While no self-respecting fan of hip hop has failed to give unending devotion to NWA, the same Compton crew that gave rise to Dr. Dre and Ice Cube among others, Jules had a more personal experience with music. “I always had friends that freestyled and recorded music,” he writes. “Naturally, I embraced the culture more and more.” Still, his work as a real musician began on a whim. “Last year I recorded my first song as a dare, and thereafter I took it serious.”

In fact, he takes it very seriously. No track is complete by Grafton Street Jules until extensive, exhaustive editing and revisions have taken place. His goal is perfection, his art is his goal. “I write my songs over and over. All my music is heavily influenced from artists I grew up listening to, so it’s mandatory that I pay homage every chance I get.”

The Grafton Street Jules single “Pills and Dro” is available online globally beginning late January, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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