Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BluesRock & Country Inc. releases newest flagship single “LA Blues”

BluesRock & Country Inc., the band featuring veteran blues and country musician Jos Slabbert, has released their newest single, “LA Blues.” 

BluesRock & Country Inc., the band featuring veteran blues and country musician Jos Slabbert, has released their newest single, “LA Blues.” The single, which has been published along with an accompanying B-side, “Josephine,” is connected in style and spirit to BluesRock & Country Inc.'s last full-length LP record, “Old-Fashioned Love,” on which the singles first appeared, and to their upcoming album release, titled, “Rocking the Blues,” which is scheduled for release in March of 2013.

The heart, mind and soul of “BluesRock & Country Inc.” is Slabbert, himself, the self-described “African Cajun” whose French Huguenot family line stretches back to their original settling of Africa in 1688. Today, he lives there in the oldest desert in the world on the untamed and almost entirely unpopulated Atlantic coast of the Namib, where he writes, performs, records, engineers and produces his own unique blend of American blues, rock, and country music to the delight of listeners worldwide. He names as major influences on him the great Joe Bonamassa as a guitarist, as well as George Jones for his mastery at storytelling through music.

The themes of Slabbert's music are varied, and the ideas that inspired “LA Blues” and “Josephine” are no different in this. “LA Blues,” writes Slabbert himself, “is about being unemployed, disillusioned – down and out in a 'city without a soul.'” Being a compassionate artist with the uncanny ability to see the perspective of people halfway around the globe from him, he has also written the song with humanism in mind. He goes on to relate that, “It is probably indirectly about creating sympathy for people taken down by the harshness of our economy in crisis.”

The B-side single is somewhat more personal in nature, however. “It's about being deserted,” he writes, “and the emotional suffering that goes with it. I think many people can share this feeling.”

In addition to “Old-Fashioned Love” and “Josephine,” BluesRock & Country Inc. have yet a third release in the works, tentatively slated for release in late 2013.

The singles, “LA Blues” and “Josephine” are available worldwide February 14, 2013. The LP, “Old-Fashioned Love,” on which they first appeared, is available now. The LP, “Rocking the Blues” is due for release to online shelves in March, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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