Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Singer-songwriter Neb releases new single “Lvoe”

Multitalented songer-songwriter, Neb, has released his latest single, “Lvoe.”
Multitalented songer-songwriter, Neb, has released his latest single, “Lvoe.” The track is a gorgeous composition the simplicity of which allows Neb to communicate his perspective of life, love, and beauty without pretense or unnecessary fetters. It is an acoustic guitar piece the strength of which is in Neb's own vocals, which are direct, masculine and gentle all at once, and also in the genius and passion he has put into writing each meticulous line of lyrics. The song represents a musical monument Neb has constructed in the honor of several principles he holds dear to him at this stage of his life: love, understanding, peace, kindness, and patience.

The inspiration for this track came originally from Neb's personal reflections on a near-death experience he had in 2011 involving a motorcycle accident. He says of this that it, “made me rethink everything I have known.” Where many persons may have recovered and remained somewhat unfazed, the brush with death sparked in Neb a call to transformation. “As Gandhi said,” he alludes, “'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.'”

The son of a guitarist father, who was in his own right a singer and performer, Neb's ricochet off the edge of oblivion is also somewhat ironic in how it came to pass. In addition to his surprising experiences as a cowboy, horse-shoer, truck driver, and grave digger, he has also worked as a paratrooper in the Army, a homicide detective, a S.W.A.T. officer, and a bomb technician. That a motorcycle should have awakened him to the themes of “Lvoe” is more than interesting.

The release of “Lvoe” is also a long time coming. “I have been involved with music in one form or another since early childhood,” writes Neb. “I have been writing since the age of seven...lived in Italy...traveled the world to gain experience and to ultimately understand my purpose.”

This purpose unfolds in the powerful notes and phrases of Neb's music beginning 14 February 2013, when his single, “Lvoe,” hits online shelves worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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