Monday, February 4, 2013

Miryam Granatmann releases new LP album, “Miryam’s Golden Music”

Miryam Granatmann has released her newest, most ambitious record to date, “Miryam's Golden Music.”

Miryam Granatmann has released her newest, most ambitious record to date, “Miryam's Golden Music.” This album exceeds every attribute of her previous releases in many ways, but stays true to the high quality and lighthearted joy that characterizes everything composed by Granatmann available today. The record is approximately half an hour long and comprised of 10 original tracks. Most of these tracks are in the vein of one or more Latin flavors, although they also embody the heart and style of many other genres, for which her songs are named.

Granatmann's reprises include the Paso Doble, the cha cha, the ballad, a rock song, a pop song, a love song, an Oriental march, a classic waltz, and a mellow and melodic pop single led by a pan flute called “Eternal Shining Star.” Granatmann performs these songs on her record with “The Shining Light Orchestra,” who are prominently named on the album's cover.

Although this is the most ostentatious album by Miryam Granatmann so far, she is not at all new to music composition or performance. “Using my musical talent I started composing in the 1980s,” she writes, “when I got my DX-7 Synthesizer.” She has been keeping this music largely to herself, however, for all this time. “I began publishing my songs last year,” she says.

The ability of Granatmann to appreciate and record music of every type and genre is clear to see and hear in “Miryam's Golden Music.” Unlike most writers, who have a pigeonhole niche they try to exemplify as much as possible, Granatmann's music is uncaged, and she writes music for many different industries. “I've composed a lot of music in different styles,” she writes, “for dancing, listening, movies, sales promotion – from waltz to rock.” These different colors of sound are all well represented on her record.

She writes of her start in music: “In school I started with the pipe, and in 1966 I learned to play the accordion. After that I switched to synthesizers and began composing.” And compose she did, and has been doing all along. “I've composed about 100 songs in different styles,” she remarks.

“Miryam's Golden Music” is available everywhere online beginning early January, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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