Thursday, February 7, 2013

Colorado duo Amber and Brandon release EP “Heartfelt Music Vol. 1”

Amber and Brandon, a pop music duo from Grand Junction, Colorado, have released the first volume of their extended play series appropriately titled, “Heartfelt Music.”
Amber and Brandon, a pop music duo from Grand Junction, Colorado, have released the first volume of their extended play series appropriately titled, “Heartfelt Music” on the Izzip Music label. This first publication by the brother-and-sister music group comprises three original tracks over approximately ten minutes of listening time. The songs are a subtly complex, earnest exploration into human emotion, particularly that of romantic love. Each song is a straightforward verse-chorus style pop composition with equally straightforward instrumentation, and the tasteful minimalism of their songwriting and production allows for every gorgeous quality of Amber and Brandon's “Heartfelt...” to be showcased.

The most obvious of these is the vocal work of Amber, whose voice is placed far enough forward in the mix that listeners can almost see her in the mind's eye. Amber's strident tone is reminiscent of Heart's Ann Wilson, but with a certain youthful clarity that recalls Susanna Hoff's more tender moments (The Bangles). Amber's mostly unadorned style of singing places the emphasis of her performance partially on her flawless pitch, but mainly on the natural, earthy undertones of her glorious voice. Her enunciation allows for every carefully penned lyric to be understood, and the poetic introspection of their lines is humanistic, sympathetic, and even touching.

Amber also plays violin to accompany Brandon's decisive, warm-sounding guitar, and the sound of the two instruments is often so intertwined that it is difficult to tell which is carrying more of the song. However, Brandon's playing is full of deliberation, passionate timing and emphasis, the combination of which adds a certain edge that is positively indispensable to the ethereal, shadowy character of their music.

The chord progressions Amber and Brandon have constructed for “Heartfelt Music Vol. 1” can be surprising, too, certainly not the same five variations one may hear by going to the radio at any given moment. Rather, at times one hears a faint '90s grunge influence in Brandon's guitar that is not unlike acoustic Nirvana, and at other times a slight country influence (somewhat embellished by Amber's violin). In fact, one even feels an impression of 17th century folk music from the opening track, “Tears Fall” that is almost medieval in spirit.

All in all, Amber and Brandon's first volume is everything excellent about the new era of independent music, and especially exciting because it heralds at least their intent to write Volume 2. With such honest beauty as this in their imaginations, music fans can only expect that a full-length from the Colorado composers is eventually forthcoming.

Amber and Brandon's “Heartfelt Music Vol. 1” is available online worldwide beginning February 8th, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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