Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Metal band Kimah releases new LP “Electra”

Mexico City alt metal band Kimah have released their new full-length record, a collection of ten original tracks titled “Electra.”
Mexico City alt metal band Kimah have released their new full-length record, a collection of ten original tracks titled “Electra.” The album has a total playing time of approximately 35 minutes and represents Kimah at this stage of their skyrocketing career admirably, as well as representing the alternative metal subgenre in better light than has been done, perhaps, in ten years or more.

This will appear to the objective reader too-biased a claim for real music journalism, but “Electra,” for which album this press release is authored, serves as a solid piece of evidence to any impartial music listener who has been involved with metal since the year 2000 or earlier. “Electra” has everything that heavy metal has always used to create an atmosphere of adrenaline-powered audio aggression and mortal consciousness, and to this Kimah adds their own strong personality and impetuous character, making something that is new, yet mindful of and respectful to the old metal godfathers. “Electra” has thundering double-kick bass and snapping, machine-gun snare strikes; melodic, needling guitar riffs (solos never too long); roaring, screeching, bellowing vocals (and some singing); and bass lines that powerfully lurk in the shadows, biding their time, and which often seem to be the main narrative voice communicating the song at hand.

These things are all necessary to a fine metal band; however, Kimah also takes this core and colors it with an alchemy of their own, an equation of creativity that goes beyond the inspiration of bands that came before them. Their riffs often surprise the listener with unlikely chord progressions that sound vaguely futuristic – like the classical music of another dimension – measures and bridges that come out of nowhere and make sense, but were never predictable beforehand. Then their next track begins, and right away the listener realizes that, again, this sound was entirely unexpected having come from the last one. The only constant to “Electra,” and to Kimah in general, is a passionate undercurrent of charged life that invigorates everything they play and animates their every composition, a consistent surge of tonal energy that informs every song they write, and the truly remarkable thing is that this intensity translates into recorded music perfectly well.

Ears beware, therefore: Kimah cannot be played at a low volume. You will turn it up.

Kimah's “Electra” is available online everywhere beginning early February, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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