Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rock trio Linear North release new single “Been to the Deep”

Linear North, a psychedelic rock group based in New York, have released their newest single, “Been to the Deep.”
Linear North, a psychedelic rock group based in New York, have released their newest single, “Been to the Deep.” The single is a spacy, yet subterranean-toned track that entrances and beguiles with a shadowy and slightly devious undertone not unlike those often evoked by Ozzy Osbourne during his more halcyon moments, like a cross between Ozzy's infamous track, “Mr. Crowley” and anything from Pink Floyd's “Dark Side of the Moon.”

Normally playing in a vein that is the spiritual successor of metal innovators Black Sabbath, Linear North are Bob Forget, Shane Williams, and Tom Patrizio. “Been to the Deep” is not their first venture into the music studio, but it is among their most psychonautical. Like their track “Rapture,” the song utilizes a slow, whirlpooling build, but with added emphasis on the bass guitar, the light-footed dancing of which walks around each note like an imp, lending loads of action in the background between the space-age rhythm guitar work and mesmerizing, wash-of-cymbals-style drums.

Linear North have a remarkable love affair with ambient noise. They wrap themselves in it and use it not only in their recordings, and not just live, but in the actual composition of their songs. The effect of this is aquatic more than anything, fluid, sometimes merely washing slowly here and there like a universal tide, and sometimes rising up to come crashing down all around. This can produce a tangibly heavy mood, while Linear North's main melody lines go on like a relatively undisturbed ship at sea on the surface of a limitless ocean, storm-tossed, but strangely, darkly tranquil.

Regarding the themes and lyrical content of their music, Linear North state: “We have few-to-no convictions, and steer from making any point or stands on issues with our songs. We write music to convey a feeling, rather than to make a point or to tell a story.”

Linear North's appropriately titled “Been to the Deep” is available online worldwide beginning February 8, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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