Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Modern rock heroes Steelfire release new EP “Better Late Than Never”

Recently reformed modern rock band, Steelfire, have released their new (and excellently titled) EP “Better Late Than Never.”
Recently reformed modern rock band, Steelfire, have released their new (and excellently titled) EP “Better Late Than Never.” The album contains a brisk and tough three tracks that serve to announce Steelfire's triumphant return from the hiatus that stretched from 1992 until quite recently, amounting to two full decades of silence that fans and music listeners can be glad are over. The songs are consistently intense, taking everything that was ever great about hard rock and adding to it a raw, garage sound mixed with a natural expertise and good taste that hardly ever makes it to the recording studio, anymore. Their vocals are rich and uncompromising, their guitars unpretentious and muscular, their bass straightforward and cool as ice, their drums like a chain gang swinging sledgehammers.

The title of the extended-play release is more an announcement from the band than a statement to their fans. “This band started in 977 as a garage band,” they write, “and rocked until 1992. From little stages to big ones, we played everywhere…” As an afterthought, they add without making excuses, “but we didn't cut a record.”

All the sounds of modern rock n' roll are represented on “Better Late Than Never.” The opening track, “Always Together,” instantly calls to mind the rock ballads of Whitesnake and Jon Bon Jovi, while “Touch Reaction” sounds like a cross between the bluesy lines of Bruce Springsteen and the more metal-based riffs of Scorpion. The closing track, a classic choppin' wood groove called “Backstage Queen,” evokes thoughts of Aussie hard rock band AC/DC, or classic rock favorites Aerosmith.

“Dont give up your dreams!” they write to fans and uninitiated music listeners everywhere. “Twenty years later we are back. Making music is the most important thing to us, and we're here to share it with everybody.”

Steelfire's new EP “Better Late Than Never” is available worldwide early February, 2013.

Steelfire is:

Paulo Ramos (vocals)
Uriel Pereira (guitars)
Paulo Paté (bass & keyboards)
Luis Pascoa (drums)
Paulo Sousa (guitars).

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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