Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Electronic Migration Panel releases new LP “Koffie”

The Australian solo music artist known as the Electronic Migration Panel has released his newest LP, titled, “Koffie.” The record is a highly experimental, neo-classical work of digital orchestration that far transcends modern terms of musical classification. It is at once an audible scene of an almost palpable, visible environment, and an ambient digital music album that is extremely enjoyable from beginning to end as traditional music listening. This full-length album is preceded by EMP's debut record, “Quell – Electric,” which was originally released in 2006 and re-issued in 2012.

The overall experience of EMP is impossible to describe appropriately as an objective hearer. The task is almost certainly best accomplished by the Migration Panel itself, thus: “Electronic Migration Panel’s music is a swirling, interconnected universe of electronic themes, noise, and soundscapes. The music is produced on a variety of analogue synthesizers, piano, treated drum machines, electro-acoustics and found sound.”

The Electronic Migration Panel is a self-funded, self-produced and self-realised vessel for the solo projects of Perth-based composer, Wheldon Thornley. Thornley is also known for his work as the keyboard player, ethereal beats programmer and producer from the multimedia collective, Masonik, with whom he has been collaborating for over four years (for more details visit www.masonik.org).

Thornley originally studied classical music, but moved to writing and performing progressive rock in the early 1990s. He lists as main inspirations such genius acts as Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Boards of Canada, Can, Future Sound of London, The Orb, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Susumu Yokoto. This eclectic blend of electronica, modern rock, techno, and experimental classic rock shows very well how the swirl of sound that is the “Electronic Migration Panel” has come to be, and influences from these various acts (as well as myriad others) are easily discerned therein.

In short, “Koffie” by the Electronic Migration Panel represents the most creative music project to come out of an independent source in perhaps many years, and absolutely deserves all the attention an audiophile would give to such well-deserving projects.

“Koffie” is available online worldwide beginning February 28, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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