Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LightworkerX releases “Circle of Stone” EP

Grand Junction solo music artist LightworkerX has released his debut heavy metal EP, “Circle of Stone.”

Grand Junction solo music artist LightworkerX has released his debut heavy metal EP, “Circle of Stone.” The extended-play release comprises three original tracks by LightworkerX over a total of approximately 13 minutes of listening. Each of these songs is a shadowy piece of audio violence, each with a great deal of soul infusing both writing and performance, and although the EP is Lightworker's first appearance on the metal scene, there is more than enough talent and power behind the tiny record to leave music fans breathless for a full-length release in the same vein.

The title track, “Circle of Stone,” begins enigmatically, leading the listener into an unlikely, whirling pattern that is half dirge, half tolling bell, and it is not until Lightworker begins to sing in his Ozzy-esque tone that the structure of the song begins to form. Like wisps of smoke coagulating into wraiths, LightworkerX weaves his “circle” around the listener, and by the time he starts shredding into his guitar like a vicious cross between Freddy Krueger and Kirk Hammett (Metallica), the spell is already cast, and his tune is already spiraling the music fan into audio oblivion.

There is more than enough meat on “Circle...”'s bone to keep fans intently focusing on it for several repeats at a turn. Faint keyboards in the background seem to echo from the windows of abandoned stone towers. Percussion is often tribal, occasionally almost industrial in its machine-gun, double-kick pedal relentlessness. Lightworker's lyrics are insidiously occult, like the forgotten words of Druidic chants, yet also personal enough to keep a depth and complexity that is entirely human, if somewhat otherworldly, as well.

The end result is a trio of metal songs that positively deserves a re-issue on a longer, more comprehensive record by one of Colorado's most surprising songwriters. That LightworkerX happens also to be one of her most hyper-capable instrumentalists makes this release a necessity for any fan of the modern metal underground.

“Circle of Stone” by LightworkerX is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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