Monday, February 4, 2013

Brunei singer-songwriter Udi Luqman releases newest single “Love to See You Smile”

Pop music writer and performer from Brunei Udi Luqman has released his newest single, “Love to See You Smile.”
Pop music writer and performer from Brunei Udi Luqman has released his newest single, “Love to See You Smile.” The song showcases Luqman's raw talent as a vocalist and performer, and serves as a great example of his youthful, exuberant style of singing. “Love to See You Smile” is melodic, joyous, upbeat, and perfect for introducing new listeners to the best-kept secret in Southeast Asia, Udi Luqman.

“Love to See You Smile” is far from Luqman's first release, however. Previous to this new single, he published “Comeback” in 2010 on Udi Records, as well as “Think About It” and “Only One.” “Comeback” was then re-released in a slightly different format for Korean listeners in 2011. His EP release, “Game of Love,” featured a title track that held the Number 5 position on popular radio station Pelangi FM for several weeks. “Moving On” from the same extended-play record reached the Number 6 spot as well. Widespread fame found Luqman shortly thereafter.

Brunei's 2011 Pelangi Awards nominated him in their Best Top 10 Male Vocalists category, as well as for 'Game Of Love' in 2010/11. He collaborated with famous composer and performer Hans Anwar of PhuturePhase Production for a track based on colloquial Malay folklore, “Tong Kasipat,” performed by Faiz Nawi. He ventured into hip-hop and rhythm n' blues by collaborating with respected artists Jazz Hassan and Erhyme of SpaceVibe Studio on a track that circulated popular music stations in Brunei and Sarawak for some time. Luqman wrote and produced an extremely successful song for Neff Aslee on local television program, “Passport to Fame” titled, “Tak Mahu Abang Romeo,” and followed this release with the insanely popular and more simply titled, “Juliet,” which topped Brunei pop charts at Number 1 for over two months.

As for the theme of “Love to See You Smile,” itself, Luqman writes, “Even in the midst of ups and downs in a relationship, the power and innocence of true love will pull souls together. It's a positive song that grasps and cherishes that special moment.”

“Love to See You Smile” represents some of Udi Luqman's most impressive work to date, as well as some of his most personal. It signifies his decision to represent himself in the music world with more fervor and passion than ever before, and announces to the pop world that Luqman intends to produce many more songs of this shining quality over the coming months and years.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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