Tuesday, February 5, 2013

John Nickoloff releases new EP “Get Out of My Way”

East coast rocker John Nickoloff has released his newest EP, “Get Out of My Way.

East coast rocker John Nickoloff has released his newest EP, “Get Out of My Way.” The extended-play album contains five original rock tracks over approximately seventeen minutes' listening time, and represents Nickoloff's personal brand of rock n' roll more appropriately than any of his work hitherto. The album is a high-octane rock EP in the vein of acts such as Jon Bon Jovi and Eddie Van Halen; however, there are numerous characteristics about Nickoloff's much-more modern rock that surpass even the excellence of legends such as these.

Unlike many favorite rock records of global acclaim, Nickoloff's “Get Out of My Way” manages to keep the power, pressure and heat on even in his (brief and infrequent) moments of relative calm, whereas the work of musicians such as Jovi or Def Leppard, for instance, often bench themselves for a ballad or two that fail to match the style of their preceding and ensuing tracks, thus draining the entire set of a degree of cohesive intensity that John Nickoloff can maintain during even the most gentle moments of “Not Giving Up” or “Forgive and Forget,” two of the more balanced of the EP's tracks.

At the same time, Nickoloff also often surpasses the level of aggression found in most traditional modern rock music and winds up somewhere between modern rock and heavy metal. This is best exemplified in the EP's closing number, “Friends Like These,” which pounds so ferociously and with such dark undertones that he edges closer to certain tracks by Megadeth than to those by, say, the usually lighthearted AC/DC.

Regardless of the strong personality that causes him to stand out, however, the most obvious comparison to John Nickoloff in song composition, lyric phrasing, vocal style, and percussion will always remain the great Jon Bon Jovi (to whom his singing is gorgeously similar without being derivative), but Nickoloff is edgier and less predictable. “Movin' On” has a tempo that modern rock has never used – though Pink Floyd and The Beatles have – and it fits into the “Get Out of My Way” set with an adventurously creative, pop-punk feel beautifully.

John Nickoloff is no stranger to the recording studio, nor to the stage, but it seems that now is the perfect time for the rock n' roll public to get acquainted with him.

“Get Out of My Way” is available online worldwide beginning early February, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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