Monday, February 25, 2013

Drogtech releases debut LP “Ordinary Life”

The digital music artist known only as Drogtech has released his debut LP record, “Ordinary Life.”

The Polish digital music artist known only as Drogtech has released his debut LP record, “Ordinary Life.” The album is composed of 12 original tracks having an average of five minutes playing time apiece, making his first full-length album a wonderfully comprehensive one, comprising an entire hour's worth of top quality listening time. The style of “Ordinary Life” is difficult to describe, but the tone is expansive, atmospheric, and very ambient. Drogtech himself says that he does not feel there is a fitting subgenre to describe the stylistic subgenre of his record.

“There is no specific genre that defines the style,” he writes, “but 'downtempo' would be the first thought.” He also mentions that his songs have a purposefully progressive touch, and this is very palpable when listening to the music.

The album is two years in the making, and was not always easy in composition. “'Ordinary Life' was created during a very emotional and personal period of time,” writes Drogtech. “I had the idea to focus on a more coherent piece of music. I’ve always been a huge fan of artistic albums because they tend to be very personal and emotional, so I decided to make my own.”

As a composer, Drogtech is very inspired. He lists among his most important influences the work of Paul van Dyk, Nick Warren, Sasha, Hybrid, Four Tet, Ulrich Schnauss, and Solarfields. Nevertheless, however, he remains his own biggest inspiration. “Some of the tracks were inspired by movies, others by the music I was listening to,” he writes, “but mostly by my state of mind at the time. There were sad and happy moments which can be reflected in the tracks. The first half of the album is more deep, while the second is optimistic.”

Music fans around the world can hear this for themselves. “Ordinary Life” is available online everywhere beginning February 26, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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