Monday, February 4, 2013

TeamRHI releases newest LP album “Introduction”

Digital music artist TeamRHI has released his newest LP album, the RedRecords debut release appropriately titled “Introduction.”
Digital music artist TeamRHI has released his newest LP album, the RedRecords debut release appropriately titled “Introduction.” The record includes 12 original tracks comprising 50 minutes of listening. These tracks have a surprising variety and scope, showcasing not only the elasticity of composer, performer, and producer TeamRHI himself (who is also founder and head of RedRecords), but also introducing many of the talented people in the myriad genres RedRecords will be publishing in the months and years to come. For this reason as well as many others, “Introduction” promises to be one of TeamRHI's most capital albums, and very likely the release that defines RedRecords during the period of its inception.

The music of “Introduction” is largely upbeat and dance minded, but there is a dark side to the record that can be surprising at times. The album has at its heart and core the personality of composer TeamRHI, which tends toward the melodic with ambient undertones, but which personality was also under emotional turmoil at the time of the record's writing. It is also notable that at least one of the album's tracks was composed when TeamRHI was a mere 12 years old.

RHI himself writes of this, “I released my first single, 'Blasta [Track 9],' with Zeyphyre when I was 13. It was released three days after my father’s suicide, which led me to alter many of my other songs to a darker, more sad state. These songs were previously high-tempo dance songs with incredible riffs, and with this my streak of genre-mashing began. I started to add guitars and piano to synthpop and dance music, and I began to try out new synthesizers that I’ve never heard before to use as counter-melodies or harmonies in many of my songs.” TeamRHI was not alone, however, nor is he now. He comments, “Many of my friends are also musical, so I began my own label – RedRecords – to showcase their talent.”

And the LP “Introduction” does this job extremely well. “Cyanide” features pristine, warm, natural vocals by TeamRHI and RedRecords friend Jillian Gilburne. “I Love Suburbia” features vocals by Mariel Sokolov, whose voice is gorgeous cutting through the space-age effects sparkled onto her by RHI. “New Jazz” features Jillian and Alexa, as well as some very interesting chord progressions by RHI, and of course RedRecords collaborating mastermind Zeyphyre appears with RHI on “Blasta.”

“My album shares the message that you don’t have to be tied down to one genre of anything,” writes TeamRHI. “Whether it be music or an aspect of life, there is always diversity to whatever you do. This album shows off the vast types of music I can create, and serves as an introduction as to whats to come from myself and the other artists on RedRecords.”

Indeed it does, and if the incoming releases from RedRecords are half the album that TeamRHI's “Introduction” is, then the music world is going to be hearing an awful lot about RedRecords for years to come.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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