Monday, February 11, 2013

UK composer and producer Peter Sanford releases new EP “Never Walk in My Shoes”

Internationally acclaimed composer and producer from the United Kingdom, Peter Sanford, has released his newest flagship EP, “Never Walk in My Shoes.”

Internationally acclaimed composer and producer from the United Kingdom, Peter Sanford, has released his newest flagship EP, “Never Walk in My Shoes.” The EP comes hot on the heels of the publishing of his latest single and video, “Gonna Be Fine,” which is featured on this extended play record album. The EP contains five new tracks comprising approximately eighteen minutes of easy pop listening, making it a fairly comprehensive collection by EP standards. All the songs included on “Never Walk in My Shoes” are Sanford originals: the title track, “Never Walk in My Shoes,” “Always There,” “All That We Need,” “Words I Never Wrote,” as well as the recent hit single, “Gonna Be Fine.” Videos are available in one form or another for each of these tracks online.

Sanford is a blindingly talented performer, and all of the expert instrumentation on “Never Walk in My Shoes” (as well as that of his other releases, also available online) is performed, recorded, and produced by Sanford, himself, excepting of course the gorgeously executed female vocals by the lovely and remarkable chanteuse, Emily. The sound of “Never Walk...” is a delicate cross between the more optimistic work of Phil Collins, and the soft tone affected by many modern American female performers in the pop-country music genre. His recent compositions are very personal works of art, more so at this period of his storied career than ever before, and yet they maintain a sympathetic and fellow-feeling voice that speaks to the listener with a genuine, humanitarian friendliness that one does not often find in pop music. It is not saying too much to call “Never Walk in My Shoes” a work of exquisite compassion.

“Never Walk...” also continues Sanford's seemingly endless marathon of official releases, the current series of which began most prominently with the “Beautiful Dream” LP, released in December of 2011. “Beautiful Dream” was written as a call for those in distress to recognize their ability “to overcome,” and this overarching belief flows therefrom into “Never Walk in My Shoes,” as well. Sanford writes of this that the message is, “to not take setbacks as an end, but as part of the journey.”

This proverbial wisdom is Sanford's reaction to an accident he suffered in 2009 that makes walking a daily battle for him. Doctors told him perambulation would be impossible, yet he has proven this prognosis somewhat mistaken, and exercises daily to ambulate further and further distances.

His EP “Never Walk in My Shoes” is on digital shelves worldwide beginning 10 February 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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