Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UK musician Peter Sanford releases new single “Gonna Be Fine”

Peter Sanford, a well-respected composer and producer from the United Kingdom, has released his newest single, “Gonna Be Fine,” to universal acclaim.
Peter Sanford, a well-respected composer and producer from the United Kingdom, has released his newest single, “Gonna Be Fine,” to universal acclaim. The single is a warm, bright, entirely optimistic and uplifting piece that features glorious female vocals atop exquisite instrumentation by Sanford himself. Acoustic guitar work keeps time beside casual drumming, while a piano and violin take turns answering one another between phrases. The effect of Sanford's composition is tranquil, halcyon, and softly gladdening, even familiar and friendly, like a smile and an upturned hand. An accompanying music video is also available to showcase the music.

Classically trained, Sanford is well-schooled in both guitar and piano, but is also very capable at bass, drums and percussion, as well as modern studio production and digital sound programming. He began learning music at the ripe old age of five, at which point his classical education at guitar and piano began at the insistence of who he calls his “ambitious grandma.”

He considers among his chief influences the music of Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Paul Simon, and James Taylor, the inspirations of the latter two featuring far more prominently in his recent LP album, “Beautiful Dream,” which garnered him the number-one chart spot in folk music within a month of its release. The theme of that record dovetails well with that of “Gonna Be Fine,” which itself is appropriately titled.

“Beautiful Dream” was written as a call for those in distress to recognize their ability “to overcome.” The message of “Gonna Be Fine,” writes Sanford, is “to not take setbacks as an end, but as part of the journey.” More than this, however, Sanford prescribes a very specific regimen: a regular dosage of love. “Love is the great healer,” he writes.

Sanford suffered an accident in 2009 that makes walking a daily war for him – he was told it would be impossible. He has proven this prognosis somewhat mistaken, and exercises daily to ambulate further and further distances.

It remains true that his music travels farther (and soars higher) than the efforts of most earthbound persons. “Gonna Be Fine” evidences that Sanford's music is less bridled than ever.

His EP “Never Walk in My Shoes” is also to be released February, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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