Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gustavo Guerra releases newest LP album “Nada Era a Favor”

Famous guitarist from Brazil, Gustavo Guerra, has released his debut instrumental LP record, “Nada Era a Favor” (“Against All Odds”). The record contains eleven original tracks in approximately 50 minutes' worth of listening. Guerra's record stands as a stupefying example of what is possible with an electric guitar in terms of both tonal quality and orchestration, proving that while heavy metal musicians have been utilizing the instrument in new ways since the early seventies, it remains possible to play it with the same versatility and sonorousness as a classically played violin.

Gustavo Guerra, who is famous in Brazil for being one of her top 30 guitarists in the nation, is the most standout element of “Nada Era a Favor.” His guitaring is natural, flawless, powerful, elegant, and charged with youthful vivacity and verve. He does not show off, even when his riffs sound impossible, every phrase emitting from his fingers with alacrity and precision that is often stunning to the ear.

Still, the wonderfully surprising characteristic of “Nada...” is in the excellence of the songwriting. The orchestration of the record is absolutely fantastic. The percussion is phenomenal, the bass guitar is remarkable, keyboards are used with a creativity that hasn't been seen much in decades, and the overall quality of the mixing and engineering can not possibly be better. The record, in short, is likely the best instrumental rock album to be released in many years.

Gustavo Guerra was born in Curitiba, Brazil. He learned to play guitar at the age of seven with his father, Buby Guerra, a professional musician, who also co-wrote the title track “Nada Era a Favor,” as well as “Que Nena Sos Vos.” Gustavo Guerra first gained popularity from his Youtube channel, GGUERRA, which he started in 2006. His music videos have been viewed by over 14 million people.

Asked about the record, Guerra says, “My passion for music gave me the strength to realize this dream, and now I’m very glad to share all those feelings with my fans, friends and listeners.” To his fans he also shares an additional message: “This album was made with lot of passion, tears and sacrifices. Follow your dream, and believe in yourself!”

The LP “Nada Era a Favor” is available online worldwide beginning February 27, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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